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OC Site Update #1

Posted by jorbell on November 10, 2008

Orbell Communications is beginning to develop nicely with the promised content mentioned in my previous post. Over the weekend I added two PDFs on time management and goal setting into the Free Resources section plus I’ve completed the article submitting material to newspapers following a request from Squarebrackets.

Also added is an interesting article on Email marketing as opposed to social networking into the News section. I particularly like this area as it is interesting to get a different view on a familiar topic so expect this area to build over time.

The first content has appeared in the Press Release section and that includes information on an upcoming Christopher Howard event and a free report on starting your own business. If you want to promote your offering add your words in the comment box on that page and if it passes vetting, it will be added to the site for a period of 30 days. Go to the Press Releases page to find out more.

Finally, I have added a Meebo box in the left hand menu bar should you want to chat instantly about OC or any topic connected with the blog. I cannot guarantee I will be online all the time of course but I will of course answer your questions when available.


One Response to “OC Site Update #1”

  1. Your life will be no better than the plans you make and the action you take. You are the architect and builder of your own life, fortune, destiny.

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