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OC Site Update #2

Posted by jorbell on November 11, 2008

I’ve been tinkering some more with the site and added some additional facilities for readers…or in this case, viewers.

In the WordPress widgets section I spotted and add-on called VodPod. This useful tool allows me to collect video content from its archive and place into a personal media playlist. The videos are typically up to five minutes in duration in the form of seminar recordings and presentations. For obvious reasons I have focused on marketing, small business management and copywriting techniques to begin with.

There are six videos there at present and they are displayed under the banner of OrbellComms TV.

Another addition to the site was an interesting news article on blogging and its effect on consumers. People can view company websites as faceless, sterile environments that can lack personality as they can be written in very bland, non-conversational ways. They are there to provide information but sometimes you need something extra to transfer a casual visitor into a customer.

Blogs tend to be written very differently from standard websites and it’s the friendly manner than many people seem to like. This is why more and more business sites are including blogs to give the impression of a more approachable and knowledgeable organisation.


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