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‘Free Shipping’ is a great service and search term to use in run up to Christmas

Posted by jorbell on November 13, 2008

While it seems very early to be thinking about the festive period, it is actually a lot closer than you think. At the time of writing, Christmas is just six weeks away.

For many, the search for presents, food and decorations does not begin until the mad panic that is the weekend before the big day. It’s all done in a rush and there are a number of reasons why but it has a lot to do with procrastination and avoidance of a high street packed with people. Unfortunately, Christmas is an unmovable deadline and you can’t postpone the inevitable forever.

It is for this reason that many people now choose abstain from the whole concept of shopping because of the pain they associate with it. The parking, the carrying of bags, the difficulties of finding a suitable present despite wandering from shop-to-shop in desperate search for inspiration.

This is changing as more and more people shop online. The reasons for this are many and not just because of the reasons stated above. Sitting in a chair with a world of options to search through on computer is so much more productive and less stressful especially if planned in advance.

Forward planning is something you have to build into your Christmas if you shop this way because you are inviting uncertainty to the party. By that I mean you are relying on the mail to ship the gifts and food when the store says it will.

Where is all this leading? Well, it’s about now – six weeks before Christmas – that people are looking for their purchases on the Internet and some search terms are set to peak at this time. One of those which is more likely to rise due to the financial situation is that of ‘free shipping’.

Free shipping is an attractive proposition as it is one of the ways of keeping costs down. If you have a product that requires delivery it would make a great deal of sense to include that option and therefore, that phrase, in your online promotion.

Using research from Google trends data reveal that searches using ‘free shipping’ rise around 70% during the first 2-3 weeks of November. The peak period is the last week of the month before dipping. By the time mid-December arrives, searches have dropped by around 15-20%.

For this reason you still have time to make your mark with a promotion or campaign. Make some changes to the search terms on your website today and track what happens. This post also includes that search phrase so even though I have no physical product to sell, it will be interesting to see what results I receive.

I shall report back in four weeks with my findings.


2 Responses to “‘Free Shipping’ is a great service and search term to use in run up to Christmas”

  1. Free Shipping indeed!
    And down the digital chimney I come 😉

  2. jorbell said


    That’s fantastic! Let me know how the promotion goes and if you really do see any impact from those search terms.

    To help push this offer you are welcome to post in the Press Releases section too.

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