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Getting the most from your local press

Posted by jorbell on November 15, 2008

From http://www.tiscali.co.uk

Over 40 million people a week read or listen to news delivered by Britain’s regional press. Getting your business’s name in a local newspaper can be an effective and cheap way of drumming up customers.

Local newspapers are always on the look-out for a good story to fill their pages. There are several ways in which you can increase the chances of your business making the news.

Your local newspaper or magazine is much more likely to follow up a story if it suits their readership profile. Study your local press before you approach them with an idea.

  • Readership: Where do they live and what are they interested in? Look at back issues to see which geographic areas are covered. Adverts also offer clues to the type of readership catered for
  • Types of stories: Is your newspaper a campaigning publication or one that prefers ‘soft news’ (small children and cuddly animals)?
  • Regular features: Are there any features or profiles you or your business could contribute to – for example, ‘a day in the life of’, or a piece on ‘what I have in my handbag’ etc. If you sell a DIY or gardening product could you offer tips or even a column on either subject? But don’t try to plug your product too blatantly. It’s sometimes more effective just to list your company’s name at the end of the piece
  • Journalists: Make a note of which journalists cover which areas, for example, sport, business, or features. Get to know one particular reporter so that they will be more likely to listen when you phone up with a story or email them. Invite the editor to a local business dinner or social event
  • Check deadlines. Find out when the reporter has to file their story. This may be different for different pages of the newspaper or magazine

Read Full Story: www.tiscali.co.uk


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