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Posted by jorbell on November 15, 2008

HotLINX magazine

HotLINX magazine

Today I am going to give an overview on newsletters and how to design them.

To demonstrate the finer workings of this form of communication, I am announcing the upcoming launch of the official OC newsletter to show how the layout can be developed stage-by-stage.

The picture to the right is an example of a newsletter / magazine cover design. This particular publication is called HotLINX, which I write, design, sub-edit and distribute to over 40 countries. It is linked to a 12 page PDF which you are free to download. I will be using this style as the basis for the new OC newsletter and I have already begun preparing a layout which you yourselves can follow for your own business or community project.

As for tools, I use the software InDesign on the Apple Macintosh. The visual layout used in the PDF above will give you an idea of what to look for in terms of page structure and what you can achieve with the right planning. In time I can prepare a template version for Microsoft Word if there is demand.

What I will look at over the course of the next week are the individual elements of newsletter design. This will include typical layout rules, appropriate text sizes and fonts and how to best sell your articles. We will also consider what would be a suitable size for the publication and the number of pages.

Other considerations are colours and use of photographs. Will your newsletter be published online only or do you intend to print it either professionally, or on a home printer. If it’s printed you will need to think about card thickness, how many copies you produce, costs and how you will distribute them.

It’s quite an involved topic but I can take you through the process step-by-step. Tomorrow I will publish an in-depth breakdown of what we will cover in preparing your newsletter.


2 Responses to “Newsletter Design”

  1. Wow! This is a great chance to learn more about creating a newsletter.

    I last used a Mac in 1988 (!) – and am therefore interested in a ms-word template equivalent. Thinking about a monthly coaching newsletter idea or even special report layout.

    BTW – the HotLINX content is in my professional field of interest.
    A good piece of work.

  2. jorbell said

    Thanks again Mark!

    You can access archive editions of HotLINX from here: http://www.linx.net/publicity/hotlinx

    As you can see, it has changed a lot!

    I will certainly look at the MS-Word version for you though I will need a few days to prepare it. In the true spirit of good coaching practice, I will set a deadline of 10:00pm GMT on November 30th for the first draft. 🙂

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