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Posted by jorbell on November 16, 2008

This is to announce that I will be mostly incommunicado for the next three days. I’m probably a little premature in posting this now as I will have access but my attentions are forcibly elsewhere.

Updates are likely to be rare or non-existant but don’t let that put you off – there’s plenty on the site to keep you occupied!

So what am I doing? Well, tomorrow is a ‘look after the kids on my own while attempting to get the house straight’ day. Following that, I have a two day business conference in London.

The London event is a quarterly meeting of 100+ Internet professionals and as usual, has a very technical program. I don’t profess to understand it all but it has lots of great material for those present.

Co-organising the meeting is one of my work roles which includes registration, badging, meeting pack creation, sponsor liaison along with general event logistics etc. Somehow, on Monday, I will have to combine this with issuing of new a press release, the launch of the latest company magazine and website updates featuring presenters PowerPoint presentations.

It will be tiring but I’m really looking forward to it. It does mean that OC won’t get the same attention that it has received these past few days. Once I return home I will be straight on to the newsletter project which I hope you will join me for.

Please contact me if you have a topic you would like to see covered on these pages or have a contribution to the newsletter. It would be fantastic to have your input.


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