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OC Site Update #4

Posted by jorbell on November 20, 2008

I haven’t made many site updates other than regular postings over the past week but there have been a few nuances that I can bring to your attention.

First of all I have changed the main method of contacting me from a direct email link in the About section to a form on a new Contact Me tab. I carried out a simple test and it works fine but of course, if anyone has any problems then let me know.

In the Blogroll in the right hand menu I’ve had a couple of new links to Blog Catalog and Technorati. I had a few issues with a Stumbleupon button which I have to rectify but a campaign run on that site based around the How to write an effective article post saw my average daily traffic effectively treble inside 30 minutes. It will certainly be interested to watch how things will develop from here on in.

Another change included a new Trends category in the left hand menu which focuses primarily on changes in online behaviour. This was inspired by an interesting article regarding search terms in the run up to Christmas.

Also this week I have been touting the site in a few Web 2.0 arenas such as Twitter and on journalism.co.uk as an avenue for guest bloggers. So far, response has been slower than expected but I have had three ‘definitely maybes’ and we are in discussions on how best to proceed in terms of content and site presence. What is certain is that it will add a new dimension to OC which will hopefully spawn a new community of regular readers.

I’ve had some interest in my newsletter project which I will be putting together over the next two weeks so expect to see quite a few posts on that topic before the month is out. This culminate in the launch of the new OC newsletter on Monday 1st December.

This first edition will be a fairly low key production which will reproduce some content from the OC pages but it has a serious purpose too as it will act as a template for readers to put together their own designs.

Till then, keep reading and if you have any comments or feedback, make sure you let me know through the Contact Us tab on the banner.


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