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‘Special delivery’ – a post by Richard Branson

Posted by jorbell on November 21, 2008

In using Twitter last week I chanced across the account of Richard Branson. As you might expect, he has an awful lot of followers, a number which now includes me. The nice thing is that ‘he’ is following me too.

Obviously I understand that he won’t be physically reading my posts, at least not all of them, but the gesture is so very important. If the time has been taken to acknowledge me, that leaves me with a positive feeling for him and his organisation. It’s something we should all aspire to do.

I also see that Richard has a new book out called Business Stripped Bare. You can even read an extract on Richard’s blog – it’s very good. Click on the graphic here to purchase the eBook version.

His blog is very interesting and I can certainly recommend it. Here’s a recent post on attention to detail and good communication.

Special Delivery by Sir Richard Branson

Good delivery depends upon many things. Two of the most important elements are attention to detail, and good communication. Neither of these essentials is difficult to understand or implement, so, naturally, they’re the first things we forget.

Don’t waste your precious time. Phone calls and emails can eat your day. Don’t let them. No one will think less of you for getting to the point. Because there are so many calls to make every day, I generally keep them very brief. And a short note to somebody is often quicker than a phone call. As the business has got bigger and spread across the globe, a lot is dealt with by short notes. However, I’m always willing to pick up the phone and talk directly to people if an issue needs resolving that way.

There’s no question that if you are trying to persuade someone to join you, invest with you, or make some changes, then it’s important to speak to them directly and take the time so that they know what they need to do. Face-to-face conversations are more efficient, and videoconferencing will always come a poor second to a shared pot of tea.

Read Richard’s Blog: http://entrepreneur.virgin.com


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