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Confident Body Language: Research Shows It’s The Key!

Posted by jorbell on November 29, 2008

Original source: http://www.streetdirectory.com

It’s easy to assume that our feelings determine our behavior, and not the other way around. For example, most of us assume that if a person “acts” very confident it is because that person “feels” very confident. But there’s plenty of new research to prove that it also works the other way around. Many studies have shown that adopting confident body language can actually make you feel more confident!

Another great example of this mind-body commection is a study that showed holding a pencil between your teeth for 15-20 minutes (forcing you to smile) actually makes people feel happier. This is significant because it strongly suggests that changing what you do with your physical body will actually change your emotions too. The implications of this are huge, especially in the area of personal development.

Read Full Story: www.streetdirectory.com


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