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Expert claims direct mail offers benefits for ‘astute SMEs’

Posted by jorbell on December 29, 2008

From Adferro

A new report claims that marketers may struggle during 2009 as potential customers may be put off opening messages due to the sheer amount they are receiving.

The 2009 Marketing Almanac by ExactTarget found that 48 per cent of marketers are planning to increase the use of email marketing.

It also found that marketers are planning to use a wider variety of messaging mediums alongside email marketing, with an increase in SMS text messaging expected during the year.

Morgan Stewart, director of research and strategy for ExactTarget, said it will be “more important than ever” to deliver “relevant, timely information” to consumers.

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New OC Newsletter to replace OC update posts

Posted by jorbell on December 27, 2008

Earlier today I was preparing a review post for December covering updates over the course of the past month. The reason I do this is to provide a concise article where readers can pick up any recent stories of interest that they may have missed.

In many ways this shouldn’t be necessary as anyone can subscribe to all OC updates by using the RSS feed which is located in the left hand column. However, as I try to go into a little more detail on how the site is developing rather than list the latest posts, a natural progression would be turn this section into the OC newsletter.

From next January, the first Wednesday of each month will see the introduction of OC Insights, the monthly OrbellComms magazine. Initially this will appear as a four page PDF publication.

In addition to brief overviews of the news and advice articles, each edition will include hyperlinks to all the original stories. There will be an editorial section, reproductions of original content plus exclusive material too. I shall keep the OC Updates section place for the time being at least as this is a useful way of advertising actual technical changes to the site.

So remember the date: Wednesday 8 January – the launch of OC Insights.

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A View on TV Programming

Posted by jorbell on December 24, 2008

The BBC Trust recently launched a website to ensure that the BBC is meeting the public’s expectations by providing quality TV, radio and online services for everyone in the UK. While this initiative was primarily aimed at younger audiences, it was great that people were given the opportunity to air their views especially as the BBC is a forced subscription service.

I am particularly interested in comedy having written sketches and a pilot sitcom so I would like more emphasis on the development of new writers and programs. Endlessly replaying what is termed as classic comedy will only kill the medium if it carries on in its present form. New shows won’t get so much of a look in and the old stuff will become so over familiar in won’t be liked (as much) any more.

In the 90s the repeats weren’t at saturation level which they are now and the were broadcast at just at the right intervals. Frequent enough to enjoy but not so regularly that they become boring. Now, I’m beginning to tire of certain shows purely because I’ve seen them so much. The odd thing is that if do watch them I still laugh but I’m less inclined to even turn the show on like I used to be. “Oh no, it’s that episode again.”

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How to Give a Killer Presentation

Posted by jorbell on December 23, 2008

By Steve Tobak

It’s hard to imagine your career going anywhere unless you can deliver an effective presentation. Unfortunately, most of us are born without the presentation gene. I have no idea why, but for most professionals, presenting is a real struggle.

They stand there, like they’re glued to the floor, with their 90-slide presentation with a dozen bullets and sub-bullets and a book of text on each slide. Then they complain that executives and salespeople make all the money.

I’ve sat through presentations that were so bad I wanted to strangle the guy just to put him and the audience out of their misery. I’ve also seen presentations that were so inspiring they changed my life.

Connecting with an audience, communicating your vision and passion for a subject, can be a beautiful experience. It’s also a rare opportunity to make an impression that might impact your future. It can either be a gateway or a roadblock to professional growth. Which one is entirely up to you.

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Inform and consult your employees

Posted by jorbell on December 21, 2008

From Business Link

The Art of Good Communication

Be clear about what you are trying to achieve and explain to employees whether you are informing, consulting or negotiating with them.

To encourage a two-way flow of information between employees and managers, consider:

  • holding regular meetings
  • using language your employees understand – not jargon
  • keeping discussions focused, relevant, local and timely
  • using open-ended questions to draw out ideas from employees
  • ensuring your communications reach every employee, ie don’t forget part-time workers, homeworkers and absent workers
  • using social events to break down barriers and build up trust

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Study reveals the value of user-generated content to companies

Posted by jorbell on December 21, 2008

From Adfero

Placing user-generated content into direct marketing or on websites could help growing businesses push through sales, according to new research.

The study by Nielsen Online found that over 70 per cent of people feel consumer reviews make them more comfortable about their purchasing decisions when buying online.

Around 81 per cent of online consumers also claimed to have read such articles while carrying out their Christmas shopping this year.

Ken Cassar, vice-president of industry insights for Nielsen Online, said consumer reviews are “a must-have for online retailers” as they can help people feel more assured when buying items they have little knowledge of.

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Its official: websites are the key B2B information resource

Posted by jorbell on December 20, 2008

From B2B Marketing Online

Websites have officially become the most important media for business decision makers, according to new research by the AOP (Association of Online Publishers).

The study claims that 97 per cent of business decision makers polled cite the web as the ‘most used’ form of media, whilst 60 per cent of respondents regard business websites as “essential tools”.

Websites were also shown to have achieved a dominant role in the decision-making and purchasing process for businesses, with just over 50 per cent suggesting that the Internet is their first port of call. However, this suggests that traditional media (specifically print and events) still plays a significant, if minority, role in this process.

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Letter writing and journaling – it’s a gift!

Posted by jorbell on December 19, 2008


When was the last time you wrote in a diary or journal?

I’m not talking about blogging here but a real written record of your day. I don’t know about you but I did this on-and-off for many years to the point that I pretty good idea what I was up to for more than a decade. Well, for the first couple of months of each year anyway.

I would always start with the best of intentions but then I would miss the odd day and then try and catch up the next night but before I knew it was a week behind. It would then to be too much of a chore and then I would give up. That was a shame but at least I had a go. I am actually rather thrilled that there are books of varying sizes plus lever arch files with detailed diary entries of my life stored away. I can look back and be reminded of memorable events more clearly but more importantly it is a family record that can be passed on down the generations.

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Internal Communication is fundamental to improving business performance

Posted by jorbell on December 18, 2008

From Headlines Corporate News

Successful companies see investment in internal communication as critical to riding the economic downturn. Companies with high employee engagement outperform competitors in profits, share value and new product launches. Firms are also increasingly using social networks, blogs, podcasts and video to motivate, inform and engage staff.

British business could add billions to profitability if it invested more effectively in internal communications (IC) that engage, motivate and listen to employees, says a new report from Headlines Corporate News.

The UK’s most robust companies have a strong culture of communicating with their employees and see this as critical to continued success during the downturn.

Called Strategic Internal Communications: Communication, Human Capital and Financial Success, the latest Headlines study combines exclusive surveys of IC leaders among UK companies with the latest industry research from across the world on how internal communication drives staff engagement and delivers measurable improvements in business performance.

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Posted by jorbell on December 17, 2008

By Penny C. Sansevieri

Penny C. Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc., is a book marketing and media relations expert whose company has developed some of the most cutting-edge book marketing campaigns. Visit http://www.amarketingexpert.com

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

1) Blog frequently

Most new bloggers dislike hearing this. Trust me when I say that the struggle for content is ongoing. New bloggers, however, feel like it`s just happening to them. The truth is, don`t get a blog just to have a blog. Get it and keep it updated. It`s the quickest way to gaining traffic. How often should you blog? Three times a week. The best days to blog? Studies have shown that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are key days for blogging.

2) Stay on point

I tell authors this a lot: stay on point, stay on topic. Why? Because if you don`t you`ll lose readership. Once someone commits to your blog they want to keep reading relevant information. So don`t blog one day about your book, your speaking, or your mission and the next day share Aunt Ethel`s pot roast recipe.

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