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OC Site Update #5

Posted by jorbell on December 3, 2008

The OC communications blog is now beginning settle down having developed at quite a rate over the last few weeks. Since the last update the biggest change has been the inclusion of the guest author section and two cracking posts on banking, post the the world financial crisis by David Chan and the 11 most common mistakes in radio advertising by John Calvert.

I’m very thankful to David and John for their assistance here. To ensure this site continues to offer quality content, it needs input from experts from a variety of market sectors. If you wish to contribute in the same way please feel free to contact me but beware, there’s a queue forming!

At the weekend I decided to add a new category on Research following an interesting article on body language. This wasn’t a news item and didn’t really fit in with any other aspect of communication dealt with thus far so a new category felt appropriate. In this piece it confirmed that ‘acting’ confident actually breeds confidence which makes a difference with those we meet.

In the News section I posted stories on how to manage marketing in a downturn, how companies use Twitter to bolster their brands and not letting hard times derail your advertising.

In addition I’ve made two personal blog posts, one of which was actually more of an article focusing on seeking permission to publish another’s material. The other blog entry dealt with some of the scarier aspects of the London Underground train system. Fortunately, I did at least live to tell the tale.

In the Press Releases section I made the offer of free life coaching for five OC readers. This special offer won’t be available for long so please contact me if you want to make use of this service. The closing date is Friday 12th December. Also posted were details on a number of courses available from journalim.co.uk due to take place of the next two or three months.

The final update to mention is the pseudo-post from Sir Richard Branson. His personal blog emphasised the importance of face-to-face communication which is a good message to promote. I’m sure Richard won’t mind me adding his words here as I’ve plugged his new book, Business Stripped Bare.


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