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Alphainventions.com – Get your new blog viewed instantly

Posted by jorbell on December 17, 2008

I would like to tell you about a neat little website that allows users to get instant views on your new blog posts. It is called alphainventions.com and is a bit of an enigma.

It’s creator is Cheru Jackson who describes himself as: “a regular working guy with an apartment and an old car with a big imagination”.

Cheru spent three months providing the coding a system where users could simply add a URL to their latest blog and see it added to loop of new blogs which appear in front of site viewers. The pages don’t remain on screen for long but if you have an interesting title, your page WILL be clicked upon.

On Cheru’s blog he provides a detailed explanation about Alpha Inventions:

If you update or publish your blog at the same time my visitors are browsing blogs in my site then my visitors will get a chance to see your blog in real-time. BAM! (the entire blog is in their face instantly) It’s not even annoying to watch.  Is it alpha addicts??

I also provide a link to your blog in case they want it to open your blog in a new window, or bookmark your blog . The links provides your title, and description to help my visitors get a better understanding on what your blog is about, and get more interested. Alphainventions.com is useful for wordpress.com , typepad.com, spaces.live.com, and blogger.com I love it, and want to grow it like a tree. Yahh!

To get more traffic from alphainventions.com just keep your blog updated or go to the homepage, and notify readers about your blog. It’s so simple.

How to add your new blog to Alpha Inventions

  1. Copy the URL of your new blog post
  2. Go to alphaventions.com
  3. Look for the blue bar across the top of the screen
  4. Find the ‘My Blog:‘ text field and paste in your blog URL
  5. Click on the ‘Notify Readers About My Blog‘ button
  6. Click ‘OK’ twice

There is a paid service on offer too which allows for pages to be kept in the cycle for up to 100 times longer than the free service which is worth considering if you have the budget.

Personally I’ve had instant results with this service so it is definitely worth a trial run with your own blogging. Try it today and see for yourself.


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