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Study reveals the value of user-generated content to companies

Posted by jorbell on December 21, 2008

From Adfero

Placing user-generated content into direct marketing or on websites could help growing businesses push through sales, according to new research.

The study by Nielsen Online found that over 70 per cent of people feel consumer reviews make them more comfortable about their purchasing decisions when buying online.

Around 81 per cent of online consumers also claimed to have read such articles while carrying out their Christmas shopping this year.

Ken Cassar, vice-president of industry insights for Nielsen Online, said consumer reviews are “a must-have for online retailers” as they can help people feel more assured when buying items they have little knowledge of.

He added: “Perhaps more than any other time of year, consumers are looking for outside feedback for guidance.”

Recent research by Bazaarvoice suggests that the number of people viewing reviews has grown in the past month or so.

In the month to December 8th, it was found that there was a 51 per cent increase in the number of reviews served on its systems.

Article Source: www.businessstrata.com


4 Responses to “Study reveals the value of user-generated content to companies”

  1. Jim Gilbert said

    It makes total sense. Customers don’t like to be sold, but love to buy. Our job as marketers is not so much to sell anymore, but to facilitate the buying process. There was a lot of talk about this topic at the NCDM (National Center for Database Marketing) conference 2 weeks ago. Social media, product reviews and recommendations like those that Bazaarvoice allows companies to do are the way of the future. We live in a world where our customers do the selling for us, which means we really need to step up our game in terms of product quality, customer service/satisfaction, etc.

    My recap of the NCDM conference can be found here. http://gilbertdirectmarketing.wordpress.com/. Look for an in depth 2 part article about relevance, true 1:1 communications and a case study on engagement from Disney in early January as well.

    Jim Gilbert

  2. jorbell said

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for your detailed and informed reply – it is much appreciated. It would be great to hear more from you so feel free to comment on further posts or even consider becoming a guest author for the site.

    Best regards,


  3. Jim Gilbert said

    Thanks Jeremy. I would certainly love to guest for you. Email me offline at jimdirect@aol.com and we can discuss topics.


  4. I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks

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