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New OC Newsletter to replace OC update posts

Posted by jorbell on December 27, 2008

Earlier today I was preparing a review post for December covering updates over the course of the past month. The reason I do this is to provide a concise article where readers can pick up any recent stories of interest that they may have missed.

In many ways this shouldn’t be necessary as anyone can subscribe to all OC updates by using the RSS feed which is located in the left hand column. However, as I try to go into a little more detail on how the site is developing rather than list the latest posts, a natural progression would be turn this section into the OC newsletter.

From next January, the first Wednesday of each month will see the introduction of OC Insights, the monthly OrbellComms magazine. Initially this will appear as a four page PDF publication.

In addition to brief overviews of the news and advice articles, each edition will include hyperlinks to all the original stories. There will be an editorial section, reproductions of original content plus exclusive material too. I shall keep the OC Updates section place for the time being at least as this is a useful way of advertising actual technical changes to the site.

So remember the date: Wednesday 8 January – the launch of OC Insights.


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