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Businesses set to use email marketing ‘more intelligently’ in 2009

Posted by jorbell on January 19, 2009

From ADNFCR-898-ID-18979110-ADNFCRAdfero Ltd

Growing businesses in the UK are set to use email marketing “more intelligently” over the next 12 months, according to an expert.

Matt Ramsey, chief executive of digital agency Inbox, has claimed that data on consumers is expected to play a key role in many firms’ efforts to improve the success of their campaigns.

In an interview with Precision Marketing, he explained why he feels information on consumers will be increasingly important to firms in the current financial climate.

He said: “Using data more effectively in email marketing will mean getting more value out of the customer base.

“Looking at customer behaviour will result in emails becoming more relevant and ultimately more effective.”

Recent research by the Callcredit Information Group highlighted that growing businesses may need to use more than just the electoral roll when targeting consumers.

It found that 32.3 per cent of councils in the UK now have more than half of their residents opted out of the document.

Article Source: www.businessstrata.com

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