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Secrets of great exhibition stands

Posted by jorbell on January 20, 2009

An Image Creative Design (ICD) product story

Graham Forster, Chairman of Image Creative Design (ICD), the specialist 2D event agency, reveals how to attract visitors to an exhibition stand.

I’ve been asked many times to divulge the secrets behind why ICD clients seem to attract more visitors to their client’s stands than say other exhibitors who appear to have spent substantially greater sums on larger stands.

The answers always remain the same: the secret is simple but, all too often difficult to implement.

However, if you can remember these first two important points, then you are half way to enjoying a successful show.

1 – High impact graphics work.

2 – Information panels don’t.

That’s it: Remember that and you are almost there.

Obviously there are other factors to take on board, such as placing your message high, so as not to be obscured by furniture or staff, but not too high to be out of sight lines.

Make it big and bold is another biggie and place the message onto a dynamic background. And that’s it, there you have it. It’s so simple – well for a creative design agency it is anyway.

There is another point to bear in mind: most visitors will only walk round a show once, so exhibitors need to attract their attention right then and there.

Keep messages short, clear and precise and tempt visitors onto your stand by making “Show Offers”. ICD’s most successful Stand Graphics are our most simple: do not be tempted to try and tell a story, it just will not work.

Get the right people to man the stand and they will do that job for you. Put attractive, well-presented staff at the front of your pitch and keep the techies back until you need them.

If you think the venue will become hot then get your team to take spare shirts. The visitor seeing your stand for the first time at 4.30pm does not care that you may have been on parade since 9.30am. If you look shabby, so does your company. It’s all about image.

Exhibition graphics vary in price depending on the size of the stand, what complexities are involved for the creative team and the cost of the actual printed panels themselves. But if done correctly, they can last a long time and a wise investment today will pay dividends in the future.

Whatever you do don’t be tempted to try and do it yourself on the cheap, you may as well not bother. A poorly designed stand will portray the image of a poorly run organisation or product. Set a show budget that includes stand graphics.

Remember, agencies like ICD rely on regular business, if our work doesn’t ‘deliver’ financial results, our clients wouldn’t come back. But luckily they do.

Also, it’s worth trying to secure a corner stand: that way you get an extra bite of the cherry when Joe Public is wandering up and down the isles looking for that “show stopper” stand.

Article Source: www.marketingservicestalk.com


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