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London, training and panic attacks

Posted by jorbell on March 8, 2009

Learning Tree training centre

Learning Tree training centre

A very strange couple of weeks. Well, not so much strange but unusual from my point of view.

Since the end of February I’ve been in London for four days (two at a conference, one at the staff meeting and one on a training course), there was a day on Slough Trading Estate (as featured in The Office) and then two days off involving an 11th anniversary meal and a panic attack leading to a sleepless night and day off work sick.

I did a presentation on to-do lists at the staff meeting which was OK. I was thrown slightly when my slides didn’t appear as I thought they would which emphasise the importance of preparation. Still, I think people understood the message and I even had a couple of people come up to me afterwards asking questions.

The training course was a Chartered Institute of Marketing course and I really enjoyed it. At the end of the day the 10 delegates were split into two groups and had 90 minutes to prepare a press campaign for a new training centre in London. I was voted in as Editor and found myself having to assign to run the discussions and assign tasks before making an end of course presentation.

I was also put in a little bit of an awkward situation when two of my colleagues decided to take a fag break. In the real world I may have reacted differently but not so easy when it’s just a training exercise. I could’ve done without that to be honest as I was beginning to feel pretty grim by then – I had a banging headache and my breathing was uncomfortable. Anyway, it didn’t really matter as the workshop leader felt that we had a strong campaign so in that resoect it worked out fine.

The only thing was that later on the train I felt like I was about to have a panic attack. There’s nothing worse than being on a train with no way out when you are not well. I didn’t have my inhaler and just wanted to be home. Once back I went to bed but I couldn’t sleep and ended up emailing in at 3:30am to say I was sick. When I did eventually get some rest I was zonked for the majority of Friday.

And so begins another week, one that doesn’t look like being as hectic…he says…


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