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Get the Most From Your Written Testimonials

Posted by jorbell on June 19, 2009

By Ivan Misner

Original article: www.entrepreneur.com

Make it standard practice to ask clients and contacts for testimonials and you’ll build your credibility and your business.

Written testimonials influence our actions and choices in myriad ways, sometimes without our even thinking about them. For example: You and a friend decide to catch a movie, but your tastes don’t always coincide. So you open the local paper and check out the film reviews. You decide you want to go to dinner first, but there are so many restaurants in your area that you don’t know which one to pick. So you open up a local magazine and scan the recommendations of the magazine’s food critic.

Even more powerful than these “professional” testimonials, however, are those that come from trusted personal contacts. If you have enough time, you might call or e-mail a couple of other friends to get their movie and restaurant suggestions. You’re likely to follow their advice, too, because you know that they know your likes and dislikes pretty well.

So it is in business. Before people come to your firm for a particular product or service, they often want the comfort of knowing what others have said about you.

Read complete article: www.entrepreneur.com

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20 years in design and marketing, my 10 Best and Worst events

Posted by jorbell on June 15, 2009

On Twitter earlier today someone had posted a link to a blog post about their top five best and worst perks over 10 years working in the journalism industry.

RT @swhittle: My blog: 10 years in journalism, my 10 Best and Worst PR moments. http://bit.ly/7NR0S

There were some very amusing tales in there which has prompted me to write my own list which, while not at all matching his, are pretty cool in their own particular ways.

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The word ‘solution’ is not the solution

Posted by jorbell on June 14, 2009

There is a marketing and advertising word that has always irked me though maybe not enough to really annoy me. You could argue that ‘irk’ and ‘annoy’ are the same thing but they’re not really. Irk is a roll of the eyes word while annoy is on page one of the book of anger.

The marketing and advertising word to which I am referring is ‘solution’. One definition to the word reads: “The act or process of explaining or proposing an approach to solving a problem”.

Why does it bother me so? Well, it’s such a darn cliché – if a company is offering a service that solves a problem then that’s a solution I agree but surely the same tired old word doesn’t have to be used every time. I recently read that the English language has welcomed it’s one millionth word to the dictionary so I would like to think that there are at least two or three alternatives for the half-decent marketer or copywriter.

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Worker confidence ‘takes 30,000 hours’

Posted by jorbell on June 14, 2009

From www.smallbusiness.co.uk

Workers do not feel totally confident about their work skills until they reach 37 years old, research claims.

A YouGov survey of 2,100 employees, commissioned by Standard Life, reveals that workers expect to put in the equivalent of around 30,000 hours on the job before they become completely comfortable with their skills.

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IPv6 the topic for special edition of the LINX Internet magazine, HotLINX

Posted by jorbell on June 12, 2009

HotLINX18 - Addressing the IPv6 issue

HotLINX18 - Addressing the IPv6 issue

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has announced the publication of a special IPv6 edition of the Internet magazine, HotLINX, available for download now from the LINX website.

Current estimates are that there is as little as 11% remaining of the total number of IPv4 addresses, which could be exhausted in as little as two years. In contrast, IPv6 is an addressing scheme that uses 128 bits that allows for a total of 340 billion billion billion billion unique addresses. However, while the advantages in making the transition from the current IPv4 infrastructure seem clear, it does require careful management to ensure that all elements of the move to IPv6 are transparent to end users. Key industry professional have beeen interviewed to offer their views on a range of IPv6 addressing issues and on what should be done to encourage a more rapid deployment of IPv6 in the future.

In addition, a further four pages of this expanded 16-page issue have been dedicated to the recent LINX IPv6 workshop staged at the Goodenough College in London. The event was designed to promote the features and benefits of using IPv6 especially in light of the decline of available IPv4 address space. Such was the interest in the event that well over 100 industry professionals attended the London workshop looking to learn more about the techniques and tools needed to offer IPv6 on their networks.

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