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Graphical Resumé Gives Michael the Edge

Posted by jorbell on July 3, 2009

Graphical resumé

Graphical resumé

I came across a link to a graphical resumé yesterday which I found interesting on so many levels. First of all it appealed to my design sensibilities and also my interest in innovation.

While the graphs don’t feature real data, I still found myself studying the peaks and troughs for hidden messages and noted every little nuance in the timeline. I particularly liked the daily coffee intake, energy expendature and the humour output at 2:00am. Also of interest was the curious gap at the beginning of 2006 – if we ever met that would be the first question I’d ask him.

What do you think of this style of CV? Obviouly it wouldn’t be appropriate for every career but it does tell us that by doing something different will gain you extra recognition. I’ve already sent this stranger’s resumé to two people and now I’m blogging about it. I’d say he’d have a fair chance of getting someone approaching him to offer him work.

It all begs the question whether the presentation of any aspect of our business is making the most of the opportunities available. If what you produce is just the same as everything else how can we expect it stand out from the crowd? As with anything we do, we should be looking at how we can offer an extra 10% and give our customers or stakeholders something more that will encourage them to keep coming back.


3 Responses to “Graphical Resumé Gives Michael the Edge”

  1. Nice!

  2. I moved to go to college… it was hard to find a job at the time. Thanks for the kind words….


  3. jorbell said

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the reply! 🙂

    That’s a great CV you have there and don’t worry about the gap – it’s just sometimes what isn’t said becomes as interest in what is said. That is perhaps a drawback of the graphical represntation because you can see it where it wouldn’t be quite so obvious in a traditional, written resumé.

    Good job though – I trust it will get you the recognition you deserve.


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