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When does a newsletter become a magazine?

Posted by jorbell on July 10, 2009

HotLINX - a company newsletter or magazine?

HotLINX - newsletter or magazine?

When our company newsletter first launched in the year 2000, it was issued as an occasional, member only document. Over time it has developed to become a regular quarterly publication read by stakeholders right across the Internet industry.

Traditionally the newsletter contained just eight A4 pages with a print run of around 500 copies but it now maintains a 16 page format with an increased circulation of 1250. Each issue is now also downloaded a further 1000 times a quarter from our website.

I’ve noticed that despite the increased number of pages it is still referred to as a newsletter which doesn’t bother me greatly but I personally think it is far more than that. Maybe I’m getting a little defensive because I design, write and sub-edit the thing.

It’s down to far more than just the page count, however. Personally, I expect a magazine to have higher production values than a newsletter which is a standard I set. There is no advertising in our publication, it’s free to anyone who asks to be on our mailing list and it contains good technical content. I believe the writing is better than most in-house newsletters, it uses better paper stock, higher quality images and features contributions from guest writers.

Does all this matter anyway? It’s more important that our readers of the physical and online editions enjoy the content and get value from it and it is that will keep them coming back for more.

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