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“Do what you feel, not what I say!”

Posted by jorbell on July 16, 2009

Earlier this evening I was travelling on a bus with my daughter and she was working on the words and pictures of her own comic. She’s done a really good job with excellent drawings and a vivid and funny story to go with it. What got me was the point where she asked me about what to do for the next part. I said her that it was totally up to her as it was her ‘publication’. What did it matter what I thought?

There was a real reluctance to do that which, while understandable for a 10 year-old, was rather sad too. As I explained, there will be enough people in her life telling her how to live it without letting someone (i.e. me) dictate how her own work should look. Having said this her childhood is dominated by rules from us as parents and from school teachers too – has her freewill already been damaged?

Later, we were waiting at the bus stop to come home and several people were complaining about how they were being treated at work and they all just seemed so unhappy. None of us really have to take this – we don’t have to be part of the rat race and be at the beck and call of someone else. If we want it badly enough we will follow our passion and then work becomes a joy.

If you have a job just think about how you sell your time for money to do something for the benefit of someone else. What about the company rules, your working hours and all the other policies you have to adhere to. Is it what you really want?

It’s a bit like this blog if you like. I write to inform and I offer advice but who’s to say what I say is right – what’s right for me will not necessarily right for you. The best ife coaches coaches will ask questions and don’t give advice because the individual is more likely to act on a goal if the idea is their own. The trick is asking the right questions that help them reach their own conclusions. At the end of the day I can only comment on my own experiences and if that helps you in some way that’s good but you often have to try things for yourselves and see what happens.

At the Brands2Life Comms Director Survey event I attended last week which was hosted by PRWeek, the communications directors and marketing professionals present didn’t really know what to do with social networking and were still learning. The concept isn’t that new anymore but the possibilities are still being explored at it involves a lot of trial and error.

Any one of us may crack a system that will make us millions and change the way marketing and communications work. If we don’t try something different how will we ever know?

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One Response to ““Do what you feel, not what I say!””

  1. jorbell said

    Having read this post again I probably missed an important point regarding my daughter’s comic.

    …she asked me about what to do for the next part. I said her that it was totally up to her as it was her ‘publication’. What did it matter what I thought?

    Obviously from the point of view of a circulated publication, it is vital to think from the readers perspective. It’s the same as if you were selling your house – if you use pinks greens and oranges with neo-classical and modern art fittings, you may have a problem selling the place.

    Whether you like it or not, you have to present the property in a more neutral way so you don’t alienate buyers and widen your potential market. Having a niché market is all very well but making it too small is unsustainable.

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