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Twitter can breathe life into older content

Posted by jorbell on July 30, 2009

Yesterday afternoon I made four Twitter posts which listed all the external organisations featured in each of the last four issues of the LINX magazine, HotLINX. Each one included a link to the respective PDF they featured in. The result of this communication went well thanks largely to users interested in Extreme Networks.

Extreme featured in HotLINX17 which was published back in February and one of my followers saw my Tweet and decided then to re-Tweet it for their followers. This in turn was re-Tweeted again by further users. In total it was posted nine times resulting in 50 additional downloads inside an hour. This has led to me gaining new followers and our magazine gaining a wider readership.

The message is clear – there are people out there who are interested in what we are saying in the LINX magazine but if they don’t know about it, they can’t do anything about that information. If they are given the choice they can at least decide how to react to it.

Twitter will be around for a good while yet and everyone is still learning. The material I posted yesterday was six months old and yet a considerable number of people still wanted to read it. Don’t right off older material just because you think it’s old – if the message is still relevant you have every right to re-promote it to an audience who may have missed it first time round.

As we know, Twitter is growing at a remarkable rate. There were just 500,000 total users in September 2007 with the individual with the most followers, Ashton Kutcher, now already on nearly 3,000,000 just 22 months later. Not bad for just six months work! The benefits of a sprawling list of followers and friends can be questioned but it cannot be denied that there is huge potential in communicating with your target audience rapidly and effectively with the aid of social networking sites such as Twitter.


One Response to “Twitter can breathe life into older content”

  1. Excellent point! Twitter is the perfect medium to post “older” content. Have a blog with a nice post that you made 8 months ago? Just twitter the posts title with a link to the post. You probably have a lot of new followers over the past 8 months who never saw the original post.

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