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20 years in design, marketing and PR and finally getting certified

Posted by jorbell on August 31, 2009

This Friday represents the 20th anniversary since I became a graphic designer or to be more precise, a Desktop Publishing Operator. Back in those days it was fairly low-level stuff where most of my work was done using drawing boards and camera ready artwork using spray mount and overlays and only sporadic use of a Mac Plus computer. It is still amazes me how we ever got anything done back then. We even needed the printers to send out someone out to collect the artwork – none of this uploading and downloading and the web? That was just a spot in the corner of the office that none of the cleaners could reach.

Just to give you a bit of background, in the summer of 1989 I was in a menial office job counting travellers’ cheques for Thomas Cook. Basically I had to make sure that the cheques returned from branches around the UK matched in value to that listed on the branch remittance. Not exactly challenging unless you were working in Japanese Yen with multiple noughts but an OK job for a while. It wasn’t what I set out to do but that’s where I’d ended up.

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To tweet or not to tweet?

Posted by jorbell on August 28, 2009

From Marketing Week

By Simon Clift

Last week Brits crashed Twitter in their effort to defend the NHS from US critics, but is that power really of any use to brands?

Last week, I heard all the reports that the microblogging service, Twitter, shut down because so many people were “tweeting” their support of the NHS after former USA vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin called it “evil”.  This was on top of countless other stories that have been reported over the last few months showing the impact of twitter.

But I was still sceptical about its real value. So I called in my vice president of communications planning, Babs Rangaiah who seems unhealthily obsessed by it and my head of global media, Laura Klauberg who sees some of the benefits, but is also not sold on its practical daily application.  Is it the “real deal”, why is it important and how should we be using it…so here’s the transcript of those conversations! On Twitter, obviously.

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Marketing, Social Media Increasingly Important For Business Development

Posted by jorbell on August 27, 2009

Written by Resources for Entrepreneurs Staff

A recent survey from The Creative Group found that marketing and advertising departments have greater influence over business decisions than they did three years ago.

It may be due to the heightened need to acquire new clients and retain existing ones, or perhaps it is because of the attention garnered by the social media revolution, but marketing has become an increasingly important aspect of business development in recent years, according to a study from The Creative Group.

The national study found that 61 percent of marketing and advertising executives believe marketing teams now have a greater influence over business decisions than they did three years ago – 18 percent believe the influence has increased significantly, and 43 percent believe it increased somewhat.

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My First Business Public Speaking engagement

Posted by jorbell on August 24, 2009

I’ve been away these past few days hence a break from these pages but I wanted to recap on my first experience of public speaking beyond best man speeches and a few words to work colleagues at staff meetings.

I was speaking on the topic of social networking at LINX66, the quarterly membership meeting for the London Internet Exchange. This is an event for up to 130 Internet industry professionals notably operators of Internet Protocol networks. What’s more there were dozens more watching on the webcast. This made for a tough first gig as the Internet community have tended to be fairly unforgiving towards marketing people talking on non-technical subjects in my experience.

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100 Gigabit Ethernet a top story in LINX magazine, HotLINX

Posted by jorbell on August 15, 2009


PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 13, 2009 – There are two cover stories in this issue of HotLINX: The developments with 100 Gigabit Ethernet and the joint IXP co-operation project between LINX, the Milan Internet Exchange (MIX) and Netnod from Sweden.

Comprehensive membership and engineering sections focus on router technolgy, new datacentre launches and Intersite Private Interconnect services while public and regulatory affairs are covered with articles on data monitoring, Phorm and the recent Digital Britain report.

There is a review of the recent LINX member outreach day held in Paris plus previews for the upcoming LINX66 member meeting and EPF4. The EPF is the European Peering Forum which is taking place on 14 and 15 September in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please visit www.peering-forum.eu for further details.

Other stories feature the progress in the Kenyan IXP market and the launch of a new IPv6 deployment website (www.ipv6actnow.org).

You can download a PDF copy of HotLINX19 today at https://www.linx.net/files/hotlinx/hotlinx-19.pdf. Printed copies can be ordered by emailing: hotlinx@linx.net

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Twitter CEO, Evan Williams, to appear on BBC Newsnight tonight

Posted by jorbell on August 5, 2009

The BBC are to interview Evan Williams on Newsnight this evening. With the massive growth of Twitter over recent months it will be interesting to hear how he feels the micro-blogging site will develop over the next few months and years.

I will post links to video content on this page when they become available. It should make for interesting viewing.

Send your questions for the Twitter CEO

From BBC Newsnight Blog

We’re interviewing the CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams, tonight at 10.30pm on BBC Two and we’re keen to gather any questions you’d like to put to him.

If you’re a ‘micro-blogging’ pro, you can send us a tweet here .

If, on the other hand, you find the whole thing a bit baffling, please send us your ‘Twitter-style’ question (ie in 140 characters or less) by adding it [to the BBC’s blog comments].

Article source: Send your questions for the Twitter CEO

UPDATE (06/08/2009)

Here is the link to the BBC iPlayer page featuring the Newsnight episode in question. The relevant section is between 12:40 and 22:32. This will remain online for seven days in UK so if I can find a YouTube clip to replace it, I well.


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