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Twitter CEO, Evan Williams, to appear on BBC Newsnight tonight

Posted by jorbell on August 5, 2009

The BBC are to interview Evan Williams on Newsnight this evening. With the massive growth of Twitter over recent months it will be interesting to hear how he feels the micro-blogging site will develop over the next few months and years.

I will post links to video content on this page when they become available. It should make for interesting viewing.

Send your questions for the Twitter CEO

From BBC Newsnight Blog

We’re interviewing the CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams, tonight at 10.30pm on BBC Two and we’re keen to gather any questions you’d like to put to him.

If you’re a ‘micro-blogging’ pro, you can send us a tweet here .

If, on the other hand, you find the whole thing a bit baffling, please send us your ‘Twitter-style’ question (ie in 140 characters or less) by adding it [to the BBC’s blog comments].

Article source: Send your questions for the Twitter CEO

UPDATE (06/08/2009)

Here is the link to the BBC iPlayer page featuring the Newsnight episode in question. The relevant section is between 12:40 and 22:32. This will remain online for seven days in UK so if I can find a YouTube clip to replace it, I well.



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