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Turn Web Traffic Into Foot Traffic

Posted by jorbell on September 29, 2009

By Justin Kitch

A solid web presence is essential–even for the smallest brick-and-mortar businesses.

“Call, click or visit” has been a common call to action in small-business advertising for most of the past decade. The underlying assumption, of course, is that a small business has a telephone number, a place of business open to the public and a website. While a phone is probably a given, a brick-and-mortar store may or may not exist. And odds are that a small business does not have a website.

For years I’ve quoted an old survey that said 60 percent of small business don’t have a website. But lately I began wondering if that number was still accurate. I was shocked to see that it has held steady through the first decade of this century. An April 2009 survey by The Discover Small Business Watch found that only 38 percent of small businesses with five or fewer employees even have a website. A full 62 percent remain “non adopters.” And that number has decreased only three percent since 2007, when 65 percent of small businesses were not on the web.

It continues to baffle me why any small business wouldn’t use the internet as an essential sales, marketing and customer relations tool. Establishing and maintaining a web presence is incredibly cheap and easy these days. And web advertising is much more powerful than most traditional print or broadcast advertising in that it enables the business owner to engage customers in a two-way conversation and gain valuable feedback on their products and services.

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Article source: www.entrepreneur.com


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Katie Price v Peter Andre on Twitter

Posted by jorbell on September 21, 2009

Interesting thoughts on how Katie Price and Peter Andre are using their Twitter accounts. There are certainly lessons as to how and how not to use social media in here.


Watch and learn! This is one of the rare occasions that their very public spat has interested me.

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Flyingstartups.com a great resource for new businesses

Posted by jorbell on September 19, 2009

It seems that first shoots of economic recovery are beginning to show so maybe now is the time to start considering taking that business idea out of your head and make it a reality.

If you don’t know where to start you could do a lot worse than look at the website www.flyingstartups.com. It’s a great resource for budding entreprenneurs with lots of useful advice and ideas. Amongst the website features are member forums and a facility where users can keep track of their progress and get feedback in what are known as Pilot Logs.

Steve Parks is the founder and he has written a number of books to help those looking to get a new enterprise off the ground off to the best possible start. Why not take a look and see if it inspires you to get started. It’s a supportive community which may just help make that dream of yours a reality.

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SMEs receive nothing for business referrals

Posted by jorbell on September 16, 2009

From www.smallbusiness.co.uk

Small businesses are missing out on the benefits of business referrals, according to research by OpinionMatters on behalf of IT company Easynet Connect. The survey of 275 executives found that 81 per cent of SMEs regularly refer business but earn no financial reward in return. SMEs typically make three referrals a month, with an average value of £7,500. This amounts to £270,000 of uncompensated business referrals a year.

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Blogging Small Businesses have 55% More Traffic, 97% More Inbound Links

Posted by jorbell on September 10, 2009

By Mack Collier, Search Engine Guide

A recent study by Hubspot found that among their small business customers, those that blogged had 55% more traffic and 97% more incoming links than non-blogging small businesses.

The study confirms what most of us that are active in the social media space have known for a while.  Blogs generate more traffic and links than static websites, on average.

Which is great, but more traffic and links alone does not make your blog successful, right?  And neither does more comments.

What your business needs to do is correlate these metrics back to larger business goals for your blog.  For example, if you are wanting to use your blog as a tool to increase sales on your website, does sending more traffic to your site from your blog really matter, if sales don’t increase?

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Promoting your business for free

Posted by jorbell on September 4, 2009

If you or your organisation has something to say getting your message across is very important but in financially difficult times many are taking the decision that the cost of distributing that message is too great. This is understandable if you stick only to traditional methods of promotion such as PR agencies but more and more ways of promoting a business are available now than ever before for little or no cost.

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