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Internet history and future the focus in special anniversary edition of the LINX magazine, HotLINX

Posted by jorbell on October 28, 2009

HotLINX20 - LINX 15th Anniversary Issue

HotLINX20 - 15th Anniversary Issue

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has announced the publication of its Internet magazine, HotLINX, which is available for download now from the LINX website.

HotLINX20: https://www.linx.net/files/hotlinx/hotlinx-20.pdf

In this special LINX 15th Anniversary issue we take a comprehensive look at the history of LINX and how it came to be the organisation it is today. LINX CEO John Souter gives his take on the milestone and this is backed by archive content and interviews with those who has seen LINX develop from the very beginning.

Elsewhere there’s a special report on LINX’s work to meet increase bandwidth demands plus a round up of all the latest public affairs information. In the membership section we have three new member stories plus all the latest member news and stats.

In a comprehensive industry events section we look back at the fourth European Peering Forum in Copenhagen while previewing the upcoming LINX member meeting in London.

You can download a PDF copy of HotLINX20 today at www.linx.net/files/hotlinx/hotlinx-20.pdf. Printed copies can be ordered by emailing: hotlinx@linx.net

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Internet History in the Making

Posted by jorbell on October 23, 2009

Regular readers of this blog will remember that my day job involves the production of membership magazine for the London Internet Exchange. The publication in question is called HotLINX and I have been working on it one capacity or another since 2004. It has, in fact, been around a good deal longer with the first edition published as long ago as the Summer of 2000.

The Internet industry at that time was very different to what it is now. Just take a moment to consider your personal circumstances and how much you differently now compared to those early days. For me, I used the Internet for the first time in 1996 at work but I didn’t go online at home until as late as 2002. I had a PC before that but it was used purely as word processor and for games.

One of the reasons I mention early issues of HotLINX today is that for the first time in many years those early editions are back available online. In fact, some have never been available to download or view at all. With LINX celebrating its 15th anniversary in November I wanted to give the people the opportunity to see just how far the Internet has come in the last decade.

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Premium pricing boost McDonald’s profits

Posted by jorbell on October 22, 2009

After I posted on the topic of price testing and how low prices don’t always encourage sales another example of how offering premium products can boost profits was reported today.

Article source: BBC Business

Selling more expensive burgers has helped McDonald’s third-quarter profit climb 6%.

The fast-food restaurant chain’s global net income for the June to September period rose to $1.3bn (£760.7bn), from $1.2bn a year earlier.

McDonald’s said new more costly products, such as the Angus Third-Pounder burger, were popular with US diners.

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This demonstrates how using a clever pricing strategy can attract and retain new customers. While people are generally eating out less often during the economic downturn McDonald’s have clearly seen opportunity where they can persuade potential customers that they don’t have to give up entirely on good food.

Obviously the whole eating experience is not the same as a posh restaurant but it is a convenient halfway house. While some cut back others are beginning to see their situations improve with each group will meet in the middle with a quality product that suits both their pockets and their perceptions of their personal circumstance and that of the McDonald’s corporation.

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Price Testing and the Entrepreneur Channel

Posted by jorbell on October 20, 2009

While skipping through some TV channels yesterday I put on the Entrprenneur Channel (Sky 682). At the moment I tuned in they were advertising a DVD product of a live event called Millionaire Marketing. One particular concept is worth repeating and that of price testing. You may think cheaper will get more sales but it aint necessarily so. People attach value to price and there was a fantastic, if extreme example, of how this works.

If you needed brain surgery would you go to someone who offered a $99 weekend special or the expert who charged $25,000?

Personally, I’d have more confidence in the latter!

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Using material from other websites in your blog

Posted by jorbell on October 16, 2009

OrbellComms (OC) is here to provide a marketing and communications resource which interests and informs its readers. This why I include not only my own articles but material from other sites which I think should have a wider audience. On an earlier blog post I was asked in the comments section about permission to quote content on their own site. Personally I don’t have a problem with people doing that with copy that I have written myself just as long I’m given a name check and a back link to this blog but what if it isn’t mine?

To be clear as to what is and isn’t OC written copy, look at the top and bottom of any blog post – if it lists a persons name or the title of a website this is material I have reproduced from elsewhere. I have given credit to the authors and/or websites in every instance and provide links back to the original material. It is very important that the people who have done the work do get that acknowledgement.

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Twitter and Facebook aid small firms

Posted by jorbell on October 16, 2009

From www.bbc.co.uk

By Claire Prentice
New York

It is the 21st century equivalent of word of mouth.

From mom and pop diners to cupcake shops to technology start-ups, small business owners across America have been thrown an unexpected lifeline in the midst of the recession by social networking sites.

Companies that have jumped on the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon are reporting a surge in customers while others struggle. With minimal marketing budgets available to many small businesses, social networking sites offer a quick and, more importantly, free means of promoting their wares to a global audience. In the face of stiff competition and a global economic downturn, it is a route more and more companies are going down.

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Frankie say…Marketing!

Posted by jorbell on October 12, 2009

The 1980s pop group, Frankie goes to Hollywood, are back in the public eye with a remix of their classic track, Relax, and a new Best of collection called Frankie Say Greatest.

The marketing for this has been interesting. It has come on the back of the Virgin TV advert and commemorates the 25th anniversary of the bands debut album, Welcome to the Pleasuredome. Singer Holly Johnson’s solo albums are now all available to download online for the first time with physical CD reissues planned for next month I understand.

A few weeks ago there was a teaser campaign with Frankie Say Coming posters across London and last month the Frankie Say T-Shirt was the focus of 25 years of British fashion design. Not only that, CD promos of 11 remixes of Relax have been circulating and unsurprisingly these tracks can now be found on the net. This was always likely but is it all a ploy by generate interest? If that was the case it has certainly worked.

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Publishers trying to find new ways to get readers to share their content

Posted by jorbell on October 8, 2009

Article Source: www.newfiction.com

Publishers, meanwhile, are devising ways to persuade readers to share more, in much the same way they use “search engine optimization” strategies so search engines will rank them higher in search results. A personal recommendation, they say, can be just as powerful as a referral from Google. “If a link is coming from a friend, you are probably going to trust it more than if it comes from Google, saying, ‘This is what you should visit,’ ” said Jay Meattle, founder of Shareaholic, a year-old start-up offering free sharing software that plugs into the Firefox browser.

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Communicating with yourself: Acting on your decisions

Posted by jorbell on October 6, 2009

Why are you here? On this page I mean. What was it that made you decide that you should look at this particular article over all the other thousands on the Internet?

That’s not for me to say but hopefully I can persuade you to stick around a while. It might not be as easy as it sounds because you are a free spirit – you make your own decisions and you decide what’s coming next in your life, not me.

Now think about that for a moment. Are you already wavering as to whether you should carry on reading this or not? Are you thinking that I’m wasting your time by not getting to the point? Just what is it that I’m trying to say? Well I’ll tell you: At every single moment of every waking hour you are making a choice and it is you that is in control of every one of them. It may not feel like it but it’s true.

Sure, there will be occasions when we will be placed in awkward situations by other people that we don’t want to deal with but it is us that writes the next scene. For example my boss could fire me. What would I do? I may get upset or angry or violent. I may be philosophical, rational or pleased. Hey, you always said you wanted to leave that crumby job.

Do you see what I’m saying? I’m faced with a situation, I react to it. The question is what reaction will it be?

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What to name your Facebook Business Fan Page

Posted by jorbell on October 4, 2009

by Mark Ijlal

Malik asked a question about naming Facebook Business Pages:

  1. Name it after your business. For a local business and especially a location based business like a restaurant / attorney / CPA / retail stores – this is more than adequate after all their name is what is known and how people find them. Yeah I know it is the old Yellow Pages approach but for millions of businesses who you and I both know will use a Facebook Business Fan Page as a business card to put their name, address, phone number, 4 pictures, products or service information, some half hearted coupons and update it once a month – this is more than enough. Maisano’s Italian Restaurant, Aaron’s Auto Repair Shop, Attorney Scott Yaldo and Great Lakes Real Estate Property Managers all will work for their respective businesses.
  2. Name it after your website. For Threadless, Zappos, Salesforce and millions of businesses that run entirely on the web and that is where their customers are found – the name of the LLC that owns the business is unimportant; there is no physical location where customers are walking in; the only name that is known to their customers and prospects is their website. So name it after your website that makes the sale.
  3. Name it after your brand. Starbucks. Nike. Detroit Pistons. A hit HBO show like True Blood. People know and love your brand. Why not erect a Fan page where they can all hang out and share their love of your brand with each other? Brands know it and they are busy doing it.
  4. For firms that sell the invisible: services, advice, consulting, coaching, PR, B2B with long sales cycles: Name it,  so it means SOMETHING to the people who matter the most: your past, present and future customers. And yes that means that you will be active in building this Fan Page as your hub for your business on Facebook.

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Article source: http://bx.businessweek.com

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