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Using material from other websites in your blog

Posted by jorbell on October 16, 2009

OrbellComms (OC) is here to provide a marketing and communications resource which interests and informs its readers. This why I include not only my own articles but material from other sites which I think should have a wider audience. On an earlier blog post I was asked in the comments section about permission to quote content on their own site. Personally I don’t have a problem with people doing that with copy that I have written myself just as long I’m given a name check and a back link to this blog but what if it isn’t mine?

To be clear as to what is and isn’t OC written copy, look at the top and bottom of any blog post – if it lists a persons name or the title of a website this is material I have reproduced from elsewhere. I have given credit to the authors and/or websites in every instance and provide links back to the original material. It is very important that the people who have done the work do get that acknowledgement.

The blog post that I was being asked about regarding quoting was not written by me so in that instance the question needed to be directed to the original content authors. In almost every case when I publish copy from other sources it is been shortened so that I am not reproducing the complete article content. This means that an OC reader has to follow a link to the original article to read the copy in full.

Ideally you should seek permission before using anyone’s material but the Internet is such a sprawling mass now it is rarely quick or straightforward to get clearance. If you are in any doubt at all about publishing material whether it is copy, a graphic or a photograph it is always safest to at least try and contact the owners of the work concerned.

I cannot speak for everyone but I feel that as long as you acknowledge the original souce with a link to that site you should be OK to reproduce small sections of an article. I did get asked to remove a graphic from one post a few months ago but this was dealt with sensibly and no more was said. In fact, they even offered to let me to use other material in future as soon as they realised there was no attempt to pass off the information as my own.

So to sum up, if a blog post doesn’t include an author or website source then that is written by me and you are free to quote it providing you include a link back to this site and a name credit is given for OrbellComms.

I hope this sense makes.


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