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Internet History in the Making

Posted by jorbell on October 23, 2009

Regular readers of this blog will remember that my day job involves the production of membership magazine for the London Internet Exchange. The publication in question is called HotLINX and I have been working on it one capacity or another since 2004. It has, in fact, been around a good deal longer with the first edition published as long ago as the Summer of 2000.

The Internet industry at that time was very different to what it is now. Just take a moment to consider your personal circumstances and how much you differently now compared to those early days. For me, I used the Internet for the first time in 1996 at work but I didn’t go online at home until as late as 2002. I had a PC before that but it was used purely as word processor and for games.

One of the reasons I mention early issues of HotLINX today is that for the first time in many years those early editions are back available online. In fact, some have never been available to download or view at all. With LINX celebrating its 15th anniversary in November I wanted to give the people the opportunity to see just how far the Internet has come in the last decade.

Below is table that lists the most recent issues plus those from those early days. Why not take a look to see how the Internet you are using today came to be.

Current Issues

HotLINX19 Autumn 2009 IXP Co-operation and 100 Gigabit Ethernet Development
HotLINX18 Summer 2009 Addressing the IPv6 Issue
HotLINX17 Spring 2009 LINX Wins Government Rethink on Peer-to-Peer
HotLINX16 Winter 2008 Third European Peering Forum in Dublin, Ireland
HotLINX15 Autumn 2008 New LINX PoPs from Interxion, Equinix and TelecityGroup

Archive Issues

HotLINX14 Summer 2008 Launch of New LINX PoPs Draws Nearer
HotLINX13 Spring 2008 Second European Peering Forum in Barcelona, Spain
HotLINX12 Winter 2007 IXP Special Edition
HotLINX11 Autumn 2007 LINX Stats Hit the 50 Mark Across the Board
HotLINX10 Spring 2006 World First as LINX Launches Peering Review Software
HotLINX9 Summer 2005 LINX Honoured in campaign against Internet child abuse
HotLINX8 Winter 2004 LINX Captures World Title! – 10th Anniversary Special
HotLINX7 Spring 2003 LINX Helps Protect Euro-IX Exchanges from Flooded Traffic
HotLINX6 Winter 2001 What if – the Internet Died?
HotLINX5 Autumn 2001 Keeping Legal Over Data Retention
HotLINX4 Summer 2001 Training Initiative Finalised to Close Skills Gap
HotLINX3 Spring 2001 Membership at New record Levels
HotLINX2 Autumn 2000 LINX Confirms Independent Strategy for the Future
HotLINX1 Summer 2000 A History of Growth, a Future of…Growth

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