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Internet history and future the focus in special anniversary edition of the LINX magazine, HotLINX

Posted by jorbell on October 28, 2009

HotLINX20 - LINX 15th Anniversary Issue

HotLINX20 - 15th Anniversary Issue

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has announced the publication of its Internet magazine, HotLINX, which is available for download now from the LINX website.

HotLINX20: https://www.linx.net/files/hotlinx/hotlinx-20.pdf

In this special LINX 15th Anniversary issue we take a comprehensive look at the history of LINX and how it came to be the organisation it is today. LINX CEO John Souter gives his take on the milestone and this is backed by archive content and interviews with those who has seen LINX develop from the very beginning.

Elsewhere there’s a special report on LINX’s work to meet increase bandwidth demands plus a round up of all the latest public affairs information. In the membership section we have three new member stories plus all the latest member news and stats.

In a comprehensive industry events section we look back at the fourth European Peering Forum in Copenhagen while previewing the upcoming LINX member meeting in London.

You can download a PDF copy of HotLINX20 today at www.linx.net/files/hotlinx/hotlinx-20.pdf. Printed copies can be ordered by emailing: hotlinx@linx.net


Notes to editors:

  1. LINX (www.linx.net) is a mutual, not-for-profit organisation whose 330-plus members include 58 of the top 100 global network operators*, almost all UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and content providers plus many from the Americas, mainland Europe, the Far East and Africa.  * Total Telecom Global 100, 2008.
  2. LINX was formed in 1994 when five ISPs recognised that there were considerable operational benefits to exchanging traffic between their networks in the UK. From the beginning every LINX member has had an equal vote in the management of the organisation.
  3. The connection of networks at an Internet exchange point such as LINX is known as ‘peering’. Network operators use public peering across the  dual LINX Ethernet networks to exchange traffic with any other member by mutual agreement. LINX also offers a managed private network interconnect facility which is used for large traffic flows between two members.
  4. LINX has a presence at ten London sites connected by secure fibre and DWDM links. The core of the network currently operates across a 12x10G Ethernet link. The extent and geographic resilience of the network was enhanced in 2008 with the addition of three new points of presence, each outside the main Docklands data centre area in east London.
  5. The Internet traffic at LINX consists of a wide variety of data including streaming media, website downloads, business information and emails. Peak LINX traffic is the equivalent of 1,300,000 simultaneous Internet video streams.
  6. Online links to earlier issues of HotLINX can found here: www.linx.net/publicity/hotlinx

LINX is a mutually owned membership association for operators of Internet Protocol networks. We provide a neutral interconnection facility and peering platform, known as an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), and represent the interests of our members on matters of public policy.


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  1. […] means in an attempt to push their rankings higher, often placing misleading truth in the tags. Internet history and future the focus in special anniversary edition of the LINX magazine, HotLINX – orbellcomms.wordpress.com 10/28/2009 HotLINX20 – 15th Anniversary Issue The London Internet […]

  2. nice information thanks :_)

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