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An Identical story with two different writers – “How odd”

Posted by jorbell on March 3, 2010

Last week I wrote and issued a press release on behalf of the London Internet Exchange (LINX). The story was about how one particular LINX member, Bhutan Telecom, had achieved such success since joining the exchange in 2008 that it had to significantly upgrade its network capacity.

The reason I mention this is not because of the topic itself but more on how it was reported in the trade press. Many news sites publish news stories word-for-word from the original press releases and it seems noticeable that a journalistic spin is becoming a little harder to find these days. Personally I’d rather see comment and debate on an announcement we’ve made even if it leaves you open to misinterpretation.

Whenever I see one of our press releases presented with a new title I expect to the content to be different too. It doesn’t always apply but more often than not it does. When it isn’t it’s disappointing but I can live with it. What disappoints me more is if an article has a byline with a journalists name when it is not their own work.

Compare this page with my original press release. Apart from the title and a couple of carriage returns they are identical.

What should I do about this? Well, I haven’t contacted the site in question because the article and its message is the most important thing in all this. I just wanted this blog post to serve as a warning that writers don’t like their work being wrongly attributed. We’re happy for you tell us your own view so why not make the most of the opportunity and use your own words and not somebody elses.


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