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Remembering my mother and thanking my wife on Mother’s Day

Posted by jorbell on March 14, 2010

Today it is Mothers’ Day in the UK and this year I am approaching it with mixed emotions. It was on this day in 2009 that my own mother was taken ill and little did we know at the time, she only had a short time left with us. I remember waking up that day and everything was fine. Then, the news came on the radio which announced the sad loss of Jade Goody which I think affected many of us more than we care to admit. Despite everything that was said about her, there is no doubt Jade loved her children.

We were due to visit my mum in the afternoon and had bought her some flowers as a gift. When I called to say we were on our way I learned that all was not well. My mother said she didn’t feel too good but after nearly half a century with arthritis this would not have been a surprise. What was a surprise was when she said she had to go as an ambulance had arrived.

Despite her long years of ill health she never compained. As was her way she played down the significance of the ambulance that day as nothing to worry about and just a precaution. Unfortunately, later that week while in the city hospital she had a heart attack and had to be rushed to Papworth.

After the fabulous work of the staff there she slowly began to recover and was later well enough to be transferred to local hospital nearer to home. At the end of April me and my family went on a short holiday to Wales but was only able to return in time for the final 15 minutes of visiting time on the Saturday afternoon. By now this was early May. On that particular day she wasn’t in her room but was dressed and sat in a chair in the communal area watching TV with my dad. When visiting finished she was able to walk back to her room with the aid of a walker which was wonderful progress to see. I was even thinking about when she could come home. It was not to be.

My final memory of her is of her sitting on her bed, smiling and waving. My mum had a wonderful smile and if you asked anyone, this is one thing we’d all agree on. Alas, it was the final one I saw as the following day she had a second heart attack and passed away.

A year on she is very much in my thoughts as you might expect. All around the streets there are promotions for Mothers’ Day and it makes me sad to think that the occasion will never be quite the same again. Not quite the same but still very important because I have my own children now who of course have a mother of their own. She’s an amazing lady too and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to her as well.

My wife Jo does so much for our kids and at our local school where she helps in many different classes when needed. One of the roles she gets greatest satisfaction from is helping the children with their reading especially as she was such a big reader herself when she was a child. She is also a govenor, on the PTA and a dinner lady too. She has run a school craft club and has played an active role with the Family Literacy and Numeracy scheme.

My mum was a star and Jo is a star. I owe them both so much I couldn’t let this moment in time pass without saying thank you. I love you both.


4 Responses to “Remembering my mother and thanking my wife on Mother’s Day”

  1. josiebee said

    Thank you – missing your mum too and I know our children miss their Grandma. The best way to remember what a lovely lady she was is to live our lives with happiness and smiles which is just how she would want us to be….

  2. gualetar said

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

  3. jorbell said

    Thanks for the comment Gualetar. I’m not sure what you mean regarding clarity but it was an emotional subject for me. Your thoughts on the blog are apprecuated.


  4. Gotta take pleasure in the effort you place into this blog 🙂

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