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How to Create Fiercely Loyal Customers Close to You

Posted by jorbell on April 17, 2010

Attracting and keeping customers is important to any business and it’s even more so in an economic downturn. Eleven experts discuss a number ideas on what small businesses can do to boost a loyal customer base.

How to Create Fiercely Loyal Customers Close to You

By Staci Wood on www.smallbiztrends.com

Recently, our very own Anita Campbell hosted an online webinar titled, “Loco for Local: Get Fiercely Loyal Customers Close to You,” sponsored by Intuit. Anita shared tips she’d requested from a panel of 11 small business experts on how to get loyal customers close to you and your business.

Each of the panel experts contributed several valuable tips and suggestions and the webinar was packed full with useful information.

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The London Marathon Experience: 26.2 memories

Posted by jorbell on April 17, 2010

Over the years I have run many 10Ks, 10 milers and half-marathons and and also a duathlon of two 5Ks and a 10K bike ride but it is the marathon that is the ultimate memory for me. Many people are about to embark on their first London Marathon experience on 25th April and I wish them all the very best.

Tomorrow marks the 11th anniversary since the last of my four London Marathons and rather than do what would in effect be a review of each one, I am going to pick out 26.2 of the more memorable instances from those four runs which best represent what it can be like to compete in a big city event. The route has changed since I last competed but you’ll get the picture.So here it is: This is your chance to take part in a marathon without moving from your PC. Don’t forget keep hydrated so I suggest you get yourself a beer!

1. On the free train from London Bridge station to Blackheath you join the masses of runners heading for the start. They all look fitter than yourself but everyone feels a connection because we are about to embark in what is akin to a spiritual experience. We are testing our strength and personal resolve against the ultimate test of human endurance – the mythical distance of 26 miles and 385 yards. Some people are quiet with it being their first event, others are chatty and excited having been this way before and then there are those who are running for a loved one or a good cause. In this final category you get those who take it a stage further and run in fancy dress. It is not often you find yourself nose to nose with a person in a rhino costume but curiously no-one bats and eyelid. Any other day and these people would be sectioned!

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What drives you? What would drive you more?

Posted by jorbell on April 11, 2010

What drives you? What would drive you more?

These are two questions to ask yourself to see if you are heading in the right direction with your life. While the first is important the second is probably worth thinking about a little more especially if you feel that you are treading water in your current job. In the moment you might think you know what’s important to you but have you really thought it through? Sometimes we need to speak to ourselves rather than looking for external answers.

If writing your answers down clarifies them in your mind your next step is to take action and reinforce those beliefs. State where you are and what you are doing but you have to look at where are you going next.

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Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils – vote for what you believe in

Posted by jorbell on April 7, 2010

I just thought I’d take this moment for a brief political rant as the UK prepares for a General Election on May 6th.

Vote for what you believe in!

If you think your party of choice has no chance of winning, voting for a different party just to stop another getting in is almost as bad as not voting at all. People are often so caught up in what they don’t want they won’t vote for what they do want. Basically, as long as the perceived enemy doesn’t get in all is well.

Opinion Polls

While the media and political parties would never allow it, we should ban political opinion polls, at least during the electioneering period. All they do is influence the way the public votes rather than reflect true public opinion.You don’t have to look at the following graph for long to reach the conclusion that a vote for the LibDems is probably a wasted vote. The point is is that I didn’t make that conclusion based on party policy but on data from a newspaper poll.

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