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Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils – vote for what you believe in

Posted by jorbell on April 7, 2010

I just thought I’d take this moment for a brief political rant as the UK prepares for a General Election on May 6th.

Vote for what you believe in!

If you think your party of choice has no chance of winning, voting for a different party just to stop another getting in is almost as bad as not voting at all. People are often so caught up in what they don’t want they won’t vote for what they do want. Basically, as long as the perceived enemy doesn’t get in all is well.

Opinion Polls

While the media and political parties would never allow it, we should ban political opinion polls, at least during the electioneering period. All they do is influence the way the public votes rather than reflect true public opinion.You don’t have to look at the following graph for long to reach the conclusion that a vote for the LibDems is probably a wasted vote. The point is is that I didn’t make that conclusion based on party policy but on data from a newspaper poll.

Someone’s gut instinct may say that voting Liberal Democrat would be best for the country but the poll would make them question whether it would be worth doing so. This means they will have been influenced by the poll findings.

How many voters will be voting Tory or Labour just to prevent the other gaining power? The vast majority I suspect. It is voting for the lesser of two evils when they should really be following their heart. For instance, if you are most interested in environmental issues then you should vote accordingly rather than for the least worst of the two main parties.

I find the whole election process interesting but I do wonder how much really changes with a change of government. Sitcom character Alf Garnett was pretty close to the mark when he said: “I’ve served under fourteen Prime Ministers, and been poor under every single one of them!”


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