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Using offline media to drive online sales

Posted by jorbell on June 28, 2010

Online marketing is on the increase and it is a trend that can only continue. What does this mean for more traditional forms marketing such as direct mail for instance? Well, according to Janet Holian, chief marketing officer of VistaPrint, it still has its place and it’s hard to disagree. Janet has identified seven key reasons why offline media should still play an important part of any marketer’s armoury.

This  article appears in full on Bytestart, the Small Business Portal website.

Using offline media to drive online sales

With the increase of email saturation, offline media used alongside email marketing can be a valuable tool to help drive a high-ROI on online sales.

Whether you’re trying to acquire new customers or retain existing ones, there are several critical components to a direct marketing campaign that must be considered to ensure its success as an online traffic driver.

  1. Making sure that your offline direct mail gets noticed
  2. Increase response rates with an offer and a clear call to action
  3. Target the right people
  4. Create a more tangible relationship with customers
  5. Test Test Test!
  6. Analyse results where possible
  7. Create continuity with your campaigns

If you consider these critical success factors, you too can have a successful direct marketing program that will drive sales for your organisation and increase your bottom line.

To find out why these areas are so important, read the full article

Janet Holian is the chief marketing officer of VistaPrint, a leading online supplier of high-quality graphic design services and customised printed products to small businesses and consumers. She has been helping small business grow since joining the company in 2000. Please visit www.vistaprint.com for more information.


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