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Intention manifestation or spooky coincidences?

Posted by jorbell on September 29, 2010

There will be a few people who will know I’m interested in psychology, the Law of Attraction, Intention Manifestation and the like. I thought I’d recount a couple of stories from the last couple of weeks that could be described as proof there’s ‘something in it’or simply wild coincidences.

A while back I had the sum of £40,000 come into my head. I don’t know why it just seemed to present itself to me and it hung around long enough to make think about how I should use that particular  thought. In the evening I spotted a lottery scratch card where the top prize was £40,000 a year for life which felt like a sign worth following up on.

Now, I don’t normally do gambling of any sort but I did wonder whether the figure was significant so I bought a card and won!


As that was my original stake I later decided that I would buy another and on the way to Tesco I repeated to myself, “Forty thousand, forty thousand, forty thousand…” again and again. I imagined scratching the panel and seeing the winning symbol appearing in a certain position on the card.

So I bought the second scratch card and I won again – this time it was £10! Hurrah!!

…then I won another £10!

…then another tenner!

…and then yet another!

Forty pounds all on the same scratch card. Not a big sum I know but I’ve never known to get two wins on the same card let alone four. OK, so it wasn’t £40,000 but I’ll take £40 – it’s not to be sniffed at.

On another occasion recently I had the image of ten crisp £10 notes in my wallet and the figure of £100 bouncing around my head. I wasn’t sure where this would come from but again it felt quite strong.

As I said before I’m not a betting man though I did see an advert in a betting shop window that caught my eye. It said you could win £110 from a £10 stake on Chelsea winning a game 4-0 and I was tempted for a while. What stopped me doing it was that while I’d win £100 I would end up with £110 in my wallet because I’d get my original stake money back as well. It’s a good job I didn’t go for it because despite leading 4-0 at one point, Chelsea’s opponents MSK Zilina got one back in the second half.

There was another instance of the ‘£100 in the wallet’ thought but it ended up no more profitable than the first. For this I’d decided to take another punt at scratch card and in this particular game it required the purchaser to match two symbols to win the amount below one of them. My ‘winning’ symbol was ‘£’ but I didn’t get one of those in the game. What I did get was a wallet symbol and the amount of…you’ve guessed it, £100.

So to today…

Earlier I was at an internet event at the Park Lane Hotel in London. There were 200 delegates and we were told that by virtue of filling in the feedback form we would be entered into a draw for an iPad which made the odds pretty good for what was in fact relatively little work.

I imagined holding the box, the crisp edges, the shrink wrap film covering it and again it was very real in my mind. When the draw was eventually made it was won by the guy next me, a former colleague who already had an iPad!

I got to hold the box so those feelings I had earlier did in fact manifest even though the iPad wasn’t mine. The only way that could’ve happened is if I’d won myself or if he had – there was no other reason for me to hold the box with anyone else in the room.

Next time I will make sure I imagine the box unwrapped!


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