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Yeo Valley advert makes the most of social media

Posted by jorbell on October 9, 2010

The X Factor is the biggest show on British TV right now and anyone advertising their product during the ad breaks are going to have pay a huge premium for the privilege. If you can secure a spot in the first break of the live shows you will have to pay even more.

Yeo Valley Organic have just done that with a full two minute ad promoting their milk with an innovative commercial which sees trendy young farmers rapping. It’s certainly not the traditional way we expect to see the countryside portrayed.

As Yeo Valley aren’t the most well known of brands I’d wager that they’ve blown most of their year’s marketing budget with that ad. I’d be surprised if we see it shown in full too often, especially at prime time, but an important weapon in this campaign will now undoubtedly lie in the hands of consumers and YouTube.

Viral marketing of adverts has been around for a while but really took off with the Cadbury Gorilla which has received millions of views. If you can be find a new and interesting way to market your product or service you’ll find your ad will be shown anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night for FREE. It was also noticeable they have held competitions, shown teasers and set up Facebook and Twitter accounts to maximise the ads effectiveness.

Time will tell if Yeo Valley’s campaign is a success and if they see a return on their investment but there’s no doubt they are now a talking point and that they’ve raised their brand awareness considerably.


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