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Twitter and Facebook aid small firms

Posted by jorbell on October 16, 2009

From www.bbc.co.uk

By Claire Prentice
New York

It is the 21st century equivalent of word of mouth.

From mom and pop diners to cupcake shops to technology start-ups, small business owners across America have been thrown an unexpected lifeline in the midst of the recession by social networking sites.

Companies that have jumped on the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon are reporting a surge in customers while others struggle. With minimal marketing budgets available to many small businesses, social networking sites offer a quick and, more importantly, free means of promoting their wares to a global audience. In the face of stiff competition and a global economic downturn, it is a route more and more companies are going down.

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Twitter can breathe life into older content

Posted by jorbell on July 30, 2009

Yesterday afternoon I made four Twitter posts which listed all the external organisations featured in each of the last four issues of the LINX magazine, HotLINX. Each one included a link to the respective PDF they featured in. The result of this communication went well thanks largely to users interested in Extreme Networks.

Extreme featured in HotLINX17 which was published back in February and one of my followers saw my Tweet and decided then to re-Tweet it for their followers. This in turn was re-Tweeted again by further users. In total it was posted nine times resulting in 50 additional downloads inside an hour. This has led to me gaining new followers and our magazine gaining a wider readership.

The message is clear – there are people out there who are interested in what we are saying in the LINX magazine but if they don’t know about it, they can’t do anything about that information. If they are given the choice they can at least decide how to react to it.

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‘Free Shipping’ is a great service and search term to use in run up to Christmas

Posted by jorbell on November 13, 2008

While it seems very early to be thinking about the festive period, it is actually a lot closer than you think. At the time of writing, Christmas is just six weeks away.

For many, the search for presents, food and decorations does not begin until the mad panic that is the weekend before the big day. It’s all done in a rush and there are a number of reasons why but it has a lot to do with procrastination and avoidance of a high street packed with people. Unfortunately, Christmas is an unmovable deadline and you can’t postpone the inevitable forever.

It is for this reason that many people now choose abstain from the whole concept of shopping because of the pain they associate with it. The parking, the carrying of bags, the difficulties of finding a suitable present despite wandering from shop-to-shop in desperate search for inspiration.

This is changing as more and more people shop online. The reasons for this are many and not just because of the reasons stated above. Sitting in a chair with a world of options to search through on computer is so much more productive and less stressful especially if planned in advance.

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