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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Posted by jorbell on June 15, 2010

Busy Busy Busy bookIt’s hard to believe but it’s been a couple of months since I’ve updated this blog but as John Lennon once famously said: “Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”. It’s a statement that’s never been more true than it has been this past week as my wife Jo conspired to break an arm a few days before she was about to start a new job. However, that’s a blog for another day.

I’ve had a very long to do list recently which despite making things rather more hectic than I would like has actually made my day-to-day schedule rather exhilarating. In addition to my work in the office I’ve been in events in London (Internet World) and Newcastle (Thinking Digital) which were both very interesting in different ways. I will post a review of Thinking Digital later this week as this in particular is well worth attending if you can.

I’ve been working on copy for a 12 page corporate brochure, the content, design and layout for a five page staff newsletter and also the production of the company’s 16 page membership magazine. There have been banners to produce for an event in Brussels as well as for International Telecoms Week in Washington DC. The latter of these required the sourcing of a US supplier and arranging delivery to the conference organisers in Maryland.

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What makes a great CV?

Posted by jorbell on March 18, 2010

A question being discussed today in the Jobcoach group on LinkedIn was what makes a great CV. A lot of good advice came out of this such as how to grab a recruiters attention in the first 15 seconds, formatting, listing achievements over day-to-day tasks and adapting CVs to different jobs.

For my CV for my current position (admittedly seven years ago) I produced a CD ROM featuring examples of work, testimonials, PowerPoint presentations, animation files, research documents etc. All this I put into a DVD case with a customised cover which allowed me to show off my design skills. I also designed it in such a way that the front cover was striking in that it wasn’t exactly clear which way it should be looked at. It then became an interactive item that required the person to study it. It was never going to be passed over quickly during a sift of CVs.

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Careering ahead: a look at recruitment and the job hunting process

Posted by jorbell on March 5, 2010

Earlier this week I was invited to join a group called Jobcoach set up by Jobcentre Plus on the business networking site, LinkedIn. The aim of Jobcoach  is to bring together a range of professionals from different industries to offer recruitment advice for fellow professionals. graduates and school leavers. There has been lots of great feedback and debate so I thought I would cover some of the topics discussed and make my comments available for readers to view here.

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UK rich in budding entrepreneurs

Posted by jorbell on December 21, 2009

A recent survey suggests that many people in Britain are considering starting their own business. With the new year nearly upon us many more will now be looking to make a fresh start in 2010 and considering their options for the future. Are you one of them? If so, add a comment below and let us know about your plans.

UK rich in budding entrepreneurs

From www.smallbusiness.co.uk

A significant proportion of people in the UK say they want to start their own business.

Of 2,121 adults surveyed, some 17 per cent want to launch a start-up, according to social enterprise organisation Enterprise UK. The body predicts that if one in ten of the respondents realised their ambition, it could create 1.1 million extra jobs.

Carl Schramm, president of entrepreneurial charity the Kauffman Foundation, says: “Job creation is the number one issue facing families and policymakers during this economic recession, and this study shows that new businesses and entrepreneurs are the key factor in adding new jobs.”

Full Story: www.smallbusiness.co.uk

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Building the Employer Brand

Posted by jorbell on December 10, 2009

Today I attended a one day workshop entitled Building the Employer Brand run by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

I found the content very interesting particularly in light of the recent recruitment work I’ve been involved in. It was thought-provoking and gave rise to a number of questions and methods for building stronger internal colleague relationships while also making a business more attractive to customers and potential job applicants.

The programme looked at the following:

  • What is branding?

This was an introduction to the concept of the customer and employer brand.

  • Why is the employer brand important?

This considered the components of the employer brand, and how this relates to the customer brand. We were also asked to look at how our own employer brand was currently perceived, and whether it needs to change or develop.

  • Developing the employer brand strategy

In this session we considered a number of the different aspects of employer branding e.g. organisational values and behaviours, reputation of the organisation, perception of the value of work, challenge & interest as well as individual staff achievement.

  • Communicating the employer brand

To finish the day we covered the aspects of our employer brands which need to change and what information is needed to find these out. This enabled us to build a list of key points outlining the changes needed.

We were given a book called Brand from the Inside by Libby Sartain and Mark Schumann to take away which, from what I’ve read, looks to be an excellent guide and I look forward to reading more. I may even do on an ongoing review so I can cover the topic in more detail.

There are three dates currently in place for this course next year in April, August and December. These can be found along with the course overview on the CIM website.

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Communications Overload at the NHS Primary Care Trust

Posted by jorbell on November 23, 2009

You couldn’t make this up:

Head of Communications
£42252 – £49852 per annum

Our client, an NHS Primary Care Trust, based in east London is looking for a Head of Communications to join their Team. The role will report directly to the Assistant Director of Communications and will be responsible for managing the Communications Manager.

Quoting the Tax Payers’ Alliance (TPA) where the advertised job is described in full.

As you can read in the comments, it’s the hierarchy of command which is the most astonishing thing about this role: They have a Director of Comms, an Assistant Director of Comms, a Head of Comms, and a Comms Manager. How can that be justified?

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