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This section is dedicated to authors who have kindly provided material for Orbell Communications. The content will cover a wide variety of topics but all are linked to communication as it is promoting a message and informing the reader.

Biographies of each contributor will appear below with links so you can find out more about them and the topics they discuss.

If you would like to be included in this section in the future, please contact me.


David Calvert is MD of a company called Airforce. They have been in the business of creating radio advertising and audio branding for over 23 years and are one of the most recognised companies in the business. Their product has appeared in advertising across the globe: Be it a major global brand or just a corner shop, their approach is exactly the same: To help every business to continue dominating their market or create a ‘percieved’ dominance.

Their experience has resulted in David being ‘the voice of radio advertising’ in the radio industry’s foremost publication ‘The Radio Magazine’. Every fortnight, you’ll be able to read his observations and rants about radio advertising.

David says: “The fact is, businesses don’t want commercials, they want advertising that works. To achieve this, you have to create advertising that is more than just a hard-sell voice talking over the top of some catchy music. If creating successful advertising was that easy, everyone would be millionaires ! Successful advertising is knowing about human communication. What turns us on if you like. It’s about influence, persuasion, emotion, benefit, perception, leading your prospect’s mind in the direction you want it to go, changing states of mind, leading people to enlightenment…Oh and more more thing that many people forget: Creating advertising that satisfies the brief and actually sells something ! Although we embrace ‘creativity’, we believe there are too many campaigns out there that concentrate too much on making people laugh. That’s all well and good, but if people only remember the joke then the campaign has failed. Airforce productions strike a good balance between creating advertising that’s great to listen to and advertising that actually works.”

Contact David via his websites at www.airforce.co.uk or www.englishvoiceover.net


Revealed: 11 of the most common mistakes made in Radio Adverts


David Chan has been a senior executive and a management consultant working across many sectors of industry including secondments to Central Government Departments.

He has worked for several Blue-Chip organisations and has experience of large and small organisations in both the public and private sector. He has been the honorary Fellow in Information Management at Bradford University and has also been a board-level director with a subsidiary of a FTSE150 company.

David has interests in a wide number of areas including management, business, technology, evolution and complex adaptive systems. He lives in Hertfordshire with two cats. He also enjoys playing bridge online, creative writing, song writing and can be found sometimes performing at local folk clubs.

Using some of the business strategies described in the book, he and Peter Blue developed a site for collectors of rare books called RareList. This site has achieved first page listings on Google at virtualy no cost to its founders.

Website: www.dingoes.org.uk


Banking, Post the World Financial Crisis


Patrick Nelson has been working with the Internet and Internet technologies since the early to mid 1990s. Since those early pioneering days of the World Wide Web, he has been fascinated and intrigued by the possibilities offered by what is he considers to be the single greatest leap forward for global communication and interaction that the world has ever seen.

Having always been involved in doing business; as an employee, an employer and an entreprenuer, he has been continually driven by the question “What makes the difference between a successful web presence / business / site and an unsuccessful one?” for the best part of 15 years.

In 2006 he founded UnderDesign as a small, one-man web development freelancer. Shortly afterwards he was joined by a good friend and networking contact, Ed Walsh and by his wife and partner, Esther Nelson as UnderDesign grew into a fully fledged web design and marketing agency.

Patrick says: “I am heavily involved in business networking – I have over 2500 business contacts in Nottinghamshire and nearly 4500 across the UK – and I still run two networking organisations, Fifty Finest and membersOf.com, both concepts which I am keen to begin expanding in the next couple of years. Additionally, I’m the chairman for the Gedling Business Partnership and treasurer for the Rushcliffe Business Partnership, two organisations formed to promote connections and networking between two local borough councils and small businesses in their respective communities. I’ve also just been accepted onto the council for the Nottingham City Business Club, one of the longest-standing business networking organisations in Nottinghamshire.

“I am also pleased to have been invited to join Courvoisier The Future 500 as one of the new members for 2009. It is an exclusive member’s network of the country’s most innovative business brains and creative talent. Visit www.cvtf500.com

Contact Patrick via his website at www.underdesign.co.uk


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