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This section features some of the longer and more detailed podcasts taken from audio feeds in the right hand menu bar or by following this podcasts link

The audio material in this section is created using a function from Odiogo which automatically turns my OC postings into sound files using text recognition software.

Please subscribe to podcast to download audio of every posting or return to this page soon for more in-depth recordings.

Podcast #1

How to write an effective article (4:24)
When writing an article for on-line or print publications, a knowledge of the fundamentals of style and layout will stand you in good stead in making sure your piece stands out from the crowd.

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Podcast #2

Usage of statistics in press material (2:49)
When you are using figures to emphasise the strength of your business in a particular area, how do you display it in press material?

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Podcast #3

Advertising and how running ads in a series increases awareness (5:10)
Raising awareness of your product service can be achieved with a strong, consistent campaign over an extended period of time.

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Podcast #4

Submitting Material to Newspapers or Magazines (5:56)
One of the questions I have been asked since starting this site has been how to go about submitting material for newspapers. This is understandably an attractive goal to have as it can provide exposure for your work on a local and national level.

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Podcast #5

Factors Influencing Content and Design of Printed Publications (6:38)
The following piece examines factors that influence the content and design of newsletters, newspapers and magazines.

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