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Design, Copywriting and Marketing services at a fee YOU set!

Posted by jorbell on September 26, 2010

Many companies in these troubled economic times are finding it increasingly difficult to advertise their products and services effectively due to rising operating costs. The temptation is to try and save money by doing it yourself but this can be a false economy as any marketing strategy needs to be carefully considered to ensure it achieves the maximum impact. In an offer designed to give your business the best chance of success I am offering my services in a special ‘try before you buy’ way.

Here’s the marketing spiel…

Do you have a job or task which you want taking off your hands? Has it been sat there for weeks or months just gathering dust? What would you give to just to get it out of the way so you can move forward again.

Do you need a logo creating or a leaflet designed? What about some advertising or brochure copy? Maybe you need assistance with social networking strategy or someone to review your website who will see it with fresh eyes?

Basically I will undertake any project for you and will do it for whatever you think it is worth. If you don’t feel what I have done is right for you or your business then you can decide to pay nothing. It’s that simple.

HotLINX22 cover

HotLINX issue 22 - Download available now

You can see an example of my work by downloading a copy of the company magazine I design and write for.

Two decades of design and marketing experience is at your disposal. You – or any of your friends and associates for that matter – could be about to net yourself a bargain! Just use the contact me facility at the top of the page to put in your request.

Offer available until the 24 October 2010.


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Supermarket cleaner to life coaching

Posted by jorbell on March 9, 2010

A few years ago the family and I went through some serious financial problems which ultimately led to me seeking out a second income to help make ends meet. Due to the constraints of my day job I was limited to what roles I could take on which perhaps surprisingly, not least to me,  saw me take on a position as an early morning cleaner in a local supermarket. At the time I saw this second job as a means to an end but I in fact gained far more from the experience than money.

For five days out of seven I had to be up at 4.15am for a two hour shift which started at 5.00am and an hour later on Sundays. I got Fridays as my day off when I could have a lie-in until 7.00am. I had a 25 minute journey to make by bike each day which didn’t always go to plan as I had one bike stolen and then had to walk meaning I had to get up even earlier till I found a replacement.

As for the job itself it was interesting to be wandering in a supermarket before dawn though that feeling soon passed. Amongst my tasks was to sweep the aisles with a pair giant scissor-like brushes, mop the cafeteria kitchen floor of chip fat and clean the loos too. On the plus side I did have the gorgeous aroma of fresh strawberries and peaches in summer but you had to weigh that up with the split bag of cat litter or one of those toxic air fresheners with the essence of Chernobyl stream. While basically having the same tasks to complete each day there was always something different going on. For instance, one Sunday I had to literally clean ice cream off the windows!

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SMEs optimistic for year ahead

Posted by jorbell on January 13, 2010

Article Source: www.smallbusiness.co.uk

Small businesses expect stronger trading conditions this year, according to a poll from SmallBusiness.co.uk.

Some 67 per cent of SMEs expect business to improve in 2010 and of those 16 per cent say conditions have already got better.

Frank O’Callaghan, owner of gift shop Humbugs of Towcester, says: ‘I feel a lot calmer. There’s not going to be any more explosions or banks failing. Christmas was really great compared to last year. We were 22 per cent up.’

Aidan Ruff, co-founder of wedding businesses The Ellingham Partnership, says: ‘This year looks to be a really good one. We’re already almost full with bookings. But I’m not sure how much that’s to do with the economy and how much is due to having increased our budget for promotions.

‘I think we’ll start to see a recovery just as long as the government doesn’t put its boot on our back with any more taxes,’ adds Ruff.

Read Full Story: www.smallbusiness.co.uk

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UK rich in budding entrepreneurs

Posted by jorbell on December 21, 2009

A recent survey suggests that many people in Britain are considering starting their own business. With the new year nearly upon us many more will now be looking to make a fresh start in 2010 and considering their options for the future. Are you one of them? If so, add a comment below and let us know about your plans.

UK rich in budding entrepreneurs

From www.smallbusiness.co.uk

A significant proportion of people in the UK say they want to start their own business.

Of 2,121 adults surveyed, some 17 per cent want to launch a start-up, according to social enterprise organisation Enterprise UK. The body predicts that if one in ten of the respondents realised their ambition, it could create 1.1 million extra jobs.

Carl Schramm, president of entrepreneurial charity the Kauffman Foundation, says: “Job creation is the number one issue facing families and policymakers during this economic recession, and this study shows that new businesses and entrepreneurs are the key factor in adding new jobs.”

Full Story: www.smallbusiness.co.uk

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Premium pricing boost McDonald’s profits

Posted by jorbell on October 22, 2009

After I posted on the topic of price testing and how low prices don’t always encourage sales another example of how offering premium products can boost profits was reported today.

Article source: BBC Business

Selling more expensive burgers has helped McDonald’s third-quarter profit climb 6%.

The fast-food restaurant chain’s global net income for the June to September period rose to $1.3bn (£760.7bn), from $1.2bn a year earlier.

McDonald’s said new more costly products, such as the Angus Third-Pounder burger, were popular with US diners.

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This demonstrates how using a clever pricing strategy can attract and retain new customers. While people are generally eating out less often during the economic downturn McDonald’s have clearly seen opportunity where they can persuade potential customers that they don’t have to give up entirely on good food.

Obviously the whole eating experience is not the same as a posh restaurant but it is a convenient halfway house. While some cut back others are beginning to see their situations improve with each group will meet in the middle with a quality product that suits both their pockets and their perceptions of their personal circumstance and that of the McDonald’s corporation.

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Flyingstartups.com a great resource for new businesses

Posted by jorbell on September 19, 2009

It seems that first shoots of economic recovery are beginning to show so maybe now is the time to start considering taking that business idea out of your head and make it a reality.

If you don’t know where to start you could do a lot worse than look at the website www.flyingstartups.com. It’s a great resource for budding entreprenneurs with lots of useful advice and ideas. Amongst the website features are member forums and a facility where users can keep track of their progress and get feedback in what are known as Pilot Logs.

Steve Parks is the founder and he has written a number of books to help those looking to get a new enterprise off the ground off to the best possible start. Why not take a look and see if it inspires you to get started. It’s a supportive community which may just help make that dream of yours a reality.

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The right kind of advertising

Posted by jorbell on November 8, 2008

By Serena Cowdy

“If you’re struggling financially, you might be tempted to stop spending on advertising completely. In fact, you may be better off re-targeting your efforts.”

This excellent article has lots of great small business advice but it is point three of this six point plan that I am focusing on here, namely advertising.

Read Full Story: www.fool.co.uk

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Search marketing expenditure set to rise amid credit crunch

Posted by jorbell on November 7, 2008

Spending on search engine marketing is expected to grow in response to the credit crunch, new research shows.

An ongoing study by Sempo reveals that the adverse economic climate is encouraging a growth in search engine marketing because industry professionals appreciate a medium that offers measurable return.

Read Full Story: www.zerostrategy.com

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