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Intention manifestation or spooky coincidences?

Posted by jorbell on September 29, 2010

There will be a few people who will know I’m interested in psychology, the Law of Attraction, Intention Manifestation and the like. I thought I’d recount a couple of stories from the last couple of weeks that could be described as proof there’s ‘something in it’or simply wild coincidences.

A while back I had the sum of ¬£40,000 come into my head. I don’t know why it just seemed to present itself to me and it hung around long enough to make think about how I should use that particular¬† thought. In the evening I spotted a lottery scratch card where the top prize was ¬£40,000 a year for life which felt like a sign worth following up on.

Now, I don’t normally do gambling of any sort but I did wonder whether the figure was significant so I bought a card and won!

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