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Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf featured in HotLINX24 magazine

Posted by jorbell on January 11, 2011

HotLINX24 magazine

HotLINX24 magazine

The latest edition of London Internet Exchange’s magazine – HotLINX24 – is now available to download from the LINX website: https://www.linx.net/files/hotlinx/hotlinx-24.pdf

The cover story this time is on Internet pioneer Vint Cerf and his keynote address at the 6UK launch event back in November. IPv6 is understandably a big talking point in the industry right now with IPv4 exhaustion just around the corner.

Other stories featured in this edition include the Google Internet Economy Report, the Cisco Visual Networking Index and data centre news from Greg McCulloch at Interxion. There’s also a bumper member news section with Cablenet, ATMAN, Hurricane Electric and associate LINX member, Netnod.

There also the regular features from the Internet Society (ISOC) and the RIPE NCC plus a round up of recent Public Affairs news stories. Added to this is a review of the recent Internet industry events such as the 5th Polish Network Operators’ Group meeting (PLNOG5) in Krakow.

Readers may be interested to know that there is now a specific HotLINX Facebook page which includes exclusive content such as unpublished event photos and articles.


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Event Traffic – the streaming media summer

Posted by jorbell on July 20, 2010

HotLINX22 cover

HotLINX issue 22 - Download available now

The latest edition of LINX’s member magazine – HotLINX22 – is now available to download from the LINX website: https://www.linx.net/files/hotlinx/hotlinx-22.pdf

The cover story focuses on the impact streaming media has had on networks during the summer months. In the UK in particular, traffic has risen sharply as Internet users kept up to date with what was happening in the General Election, the Budget as well as with sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup and Wimbledon.

Below is an extract from the article as featured in HotLINX22.

Changing habits in TV and Internet usageThere appears to be a change in the way that people are using the Internet and television. Where once it was a ‘one or the other’ activity, users often now have the TV on in the background while browsing on their laptops or mobile devices. Different large scale events such as the Grand Slam tennis and the football in Africa can now be followed simultaneously. With more and more content available online this pattern of behaviour can only increase.

Sport and Politics mix in Summer Internet Traffic Surge

There is an old phrase that says that sport and politics don’t mix but they certainly did between the 22 and 24 June and in quite a remarkable way.

As George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, to the House of Commons began his Budget speech on the afternoon 22 June, two tennis players, American John Isner and French qualifier Nicolas Mahut, were preparing for a first round match at Wimbledon in what was to become the longest match in tennis history. The match began at 6:13pm on Tuesday evening and wasn’t completed until 4:48pm two days later after a total playing time of 11 hours and 5 minutes.

While the match wasn’t of any great significance to viewers in terms of who was playing,the sheer fact that the final set finished with an incredible score of 70 games to 68 in Isner’s favour kept the public hooked until the end. What was also grabbing people’s attention at this time was the finer detail of the first post-election Budget and the must-win England match against Slovenia in South Africa which took place on Wednesday afternoon.

All three events were largely intertwined in that there were key periods in coverage that overlapped and that the majority of it occurred during office hours.

Online links to earlier issues of HotLINX can found here: https://www.linx.net/publicity/hotlinx.html

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100 Gigabit Ethernet a top story in LINX magazine, HotLINX

Posted by jorbell on August 15, 2009


PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 13, 2009 – There are two cover stories in this issue of HotLINX: The developments with 100 Gigabit Ethernet and the joint IXP co-operation project between LINX, the Milan Internet Exchange (MIX) and Netnod from Sweden.

Comprehensive membership and engineering sections focus on router technolgy, new datacentre launches and Intersite Private Interconnect services while public and regulatory affairs are covered with articles on data monitoring, Phorm and the recent Digital Britain report.

There is a review of the recent LINX member outreach day held in Paris plus previews for the upcoming LINX66 member meeting and EPF4. The EPF is the European Peering Forum which is taking place on 14 and 15 September in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please visit www.peering-forum.eu for further details.

Other stories feature the progress in the Kenyan IXP market and the launch of a new IPv6 deployment website (www.ipv6actnow.org).

You can download a PDF copy of HotLINX19 today at https://www.linx.net/files/hotlinx/hotlinx-19.pdf. Printed copies can be ordered by emailing: hotlinx@linx.net

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Internet professionals gather for important IPv6 workshop

Posted by jorbell on March 18, 2009

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has staged a major deployment workshop dedicated to the topic of IPv6 implementation. The event, held on 13 March, was designed to promote the features and benefits of using IPv6 especially in light of the decline of available IPv4 address space. Such was the interest in IPv6 that well over 100 industry professionals attended the London workshop looking to learn more about the techniques and tools needed to offer IPv6 on their networks.

The event was co-sponsored by the Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR), part of the former DTI, who along with LINX were looking to bring IPv6 to the top of the industry agenda. Simon Hicks of BERR said: “This meeting was a great opportunity to discuss this important issue with key industry players. We are keen to develop structured timelines for a full scale move to IPv6 and this event has brought into focus the need to act now rather than later. I came away feeling positive that our objectives for this workshop had been met.”

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