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Careering ahead: a look at recruitment and the job hunting process

Posted by jorbell on March 5, 2010

Earlier this week I was invited to join a group called Jobcoach set up by Jobcentre Plus on the business networking site, LinkedIn. The aim of Jobcoach  is to bring together a range of professionals from different industries to offer recruitment advice for fellow professionals. graduates and school leavers. There has been lots of great feedback and debate so I thought I would cover some of the topics discussed and make my comments available for readers to view here.

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My First Business Public Speaking engagement

Posted by jorbell on August 24, 2009

I’ve been away these past few days hence a break from these pages but I wanted to recap on my first experience of public speaking beyond best man speeches and a few words to work colleagues at staff meetings.

I was speaking on the topic of social networking at LINX66, the quarterly membership meeting for the London Internet Exchange. This is an event for up to 130 Internet industry professionals notably operators of Internet Protocol networks. What’s more there were dozens more watching on the webcast. This made for a tough first gig as the Internet community have tended to be fairly unforgiving towards marketing people talking on non-technical subjects in my experience.

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10 strategies for making the most of trade shows

Posted by jorbell on July 9, 2009

Earls Court trade show

Internet World trade show

Trade shows don’t have the importance they once did in the business world primarily due to the development of the Internet and on-line services but they are still a great way to take your product to the wider world.

If you’ve had mixed results from exhibiting at shows in the past, you probably need to look at how you can make a better impact at these events.You may have seen the foot-fall at your stand but did you get the right type of visitor to convert them into sales. Ultimately, did you see a return on your investment for participating?

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Twitter Grows Fastest, MySpace Still The Social King

Posted by jorbell on December 9, 2008

Posted in Nielsen News

Top social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn may be well-established, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped growing.

Nearly half of the biggest social networking sites are also among the fastest growing, according to data released Wednesday by Nielsen Online.

These top sites have also expanded beyond the youthful audience the social networking space initially captured — to find a place in older visitors’ professional lives.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reunion.com are most popular among visitors ages 25-34, 35-49, and 55-64, respectively, Nielsen reported.

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