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Tick-Block: Do the time and forget the detail (for now)

Posted by jorbell on March 23, 2009

Tick-Block is concept whereby blocks of time are set aside by an individual to work on particular aspect of their life. This could be business focussed, household chores, financial planning or exercise for instance.

Tick-Block is not a to-do list as such but merely a demonstration that you have planned time to work on a particular project. To successfully enable you to ‘tick-block’, at least 75% of the time you have scheduled has to be dedicated to that task. The premise of this system is encourage progress in whatever form it takes. Make a phone call, read an article, write an email, anything, but just TAKE ACTION!

Ultimately this system is all about ‘doing’ in the first instance with the focus doing more than you are doing right now. It is there to give you momentum rather than getting bogged down in the process of achieveing specific tasks. That can come later but for now the important thing is to get moving…


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