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The Secret Millionaire: could we all do more?

Posted by jorbell on October 24, 2010

In the UK there is a TV series called the Secret Millionaire where a wealthy person goes undercover into underprivileged areas and then after a period of time comes clean and hands over money for what he considers a deserving cause, person or project. It seems that £30K is the usual amount that is given overall and it could be split several ways for repairs to a local facility, or help with a care centre or for a person or family who are doing good in the community or becuase they deserve a break. It’s quite emotional stuff on many levels.

First of all you have the successful person. Being one of those ‘in the middle’ of society that have a decent job and are doing OK, how should I react to him or her? Some will be jealous of their success saying it is down to luck or a prosperous family whether they’ve earnt it or not. Others will applaud them because they had the drive and commitment to be a success especially if they started with nothing. Then there will be cynical people who think they are doing good to boost their ego or to make some personal gain and not doing it for the right reasons.

We also have those people who need care, or are out of work, living in poor conditions or being brought up in violent areas. People who feel trapped in their circumstances and can’t see a way out. Despite any range of problems including one or all of the above there are the persons who still seem to love life and will do anything for anyone for nothing or a pittance because it is the right thing to do.

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