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Communicating with yourself: Acting on your decisions

Posted by jorbell on October 6, 2009

Why are you here? On this page I mean. What was it that made you decide that you should look at this particular article over all the other thousands on the Internet?

That’s not for me to say but hopefully I can persuade you to stick around a while. It might not be as easy as it sounds because you are a free spirit – you make your own decisions and you decide what’s coming next in your life, not me.

Now think about that for a moment. Are you already wavering as to whether you should carry on reading this or not? Are you thinking that I’m wasting your time by not getting to the point? Just what is it that I’m trying to say? Well I’ll tell you: At every single moment of every waking hour you are making a choice and it is you that is in control of every one of them. It may not feel like it but it’s true.

Sure, there will be occasions when we will be placed in awkward situations by other people that we don’t want to deal with but it is us that writes the next scene. For example my boss could fire me. What would I do? I may get upset or angry or violent. I may be philosophical, rational or pleased. Hey, you always said you wanted to leave that crumby job.

Do you see what I’m saying? I’m faced with a situation, I react to it. The question is what reaction will it be?

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Orbell Communications Site content

Posted by jorbell on November 8, 2008

This site has only been running a couple of days but judging by the early stats and feedback it appears that this could be a popular resource. Not surprisingly I am still a little thin on content and two of the tabs at the top of the page, Press Releases and Free Resources, currently sit empty (8/11/2008).

This will at least partly change over the weekend. I have two PDF worksheets to upload on time management and goal setting and I have also had a request for advice on submitting material to newspapers so look out for that too.

Incidentally, the Press Release section is your chance to promote yourself on this site for free. In the new year I am planning to instigate a nominal charge for advertising but for now until the end of 2008, all submissions made via the comment box that pass review, will be published at no cost. More information on rules and conditions will be published in due course.

As always, feedback is welcome. If you would like to contact me please leave a comment or email me via the link in the About section.

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