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Yeo Valley advert makes the most of social media

Posted by jorbell on October 9, 2010

The X Factor is the biggest show on British TV right now and anyone advertising their product during the ad breaks are going to have pay a huge premium for the privilege. If you can secure a spot in the first break of the live shows you will have to pay even more.

Yeo Valley Organic have just done that with a full two minute ad promoting their milk with an innovative commercial which sees trendy young farmers rapping. It’s certainly not the traditional way we expect to see the countryside portrayed.

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A View on TV Programming

Posted by jorbell on December 24, 2008

The BBC Trust recently launched a website to ensure that the BBC is meeting the public’s expectations by providing quality TV, radio and online services for everyone in the UK. While this initiative was primarily aimed at younger audiences, it was great that people were given the opportunity to air their views especially as the BBC is a forced subscription service.

I am particularly interested in comedy having written sketches and a pilot sitcom so I would like more emphasis on the development of new writers and programs. Endlessly replaying what is termed as classic comedy will only kill the medium if it carries on in its present form. New shows won’t get so much of a look in and the old stuff will become so over familiar in won’t be liked (as much) any more.

In the 90s the repeats weren’t at saturation level which they are now and the were broadcast at just at the right intervals. Frequent enough to enjoy but not so regularly that they become boring. Now, I’m beginning to tire of certain shows purely because I’ve seen them so much. The odd thing is that if do watch them I still laugh but I’m less inclined to even turn the show on like I used to be. “Oh no, it’s that episode again.”

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