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Internet marketing spend to overtake print

Posted by jorbell on March 10, 2010

The following article on marketing spend on print and Internet advertising particularly interested me as the majority of career has been in the print arena. This day had to come but it will be interesting to see where it all eventually leads. Can you ever imagine a time without books, magazines and newspapers? Not yet certainly but when we consider the rate of technological advancement, we may find a true paperless world here sooner than we think.

Original article: www.thomsonlocal.com

Internet-based marketing spend is set to overtake print advertising for the first time this year, it has been claimed.

Spend on digital advertising – which includes email marketing – will reach almost £80 billion this year and edge ahead of traditional newspaper and magazine advertising spend.

The research, conducted by publishing specialist Outsell, which surveyed more than 1,000 US businesses about their digital marketing budgets, showed that search engine marketing and webinars would play a part in boosting online advertising budgets.

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How to be Brilliant by Michael Heppell and other stories…

Posted by jorbell on March 7, 2010

How to be Brillant by Michael HeppellI’ve become a bookworm these past few weeks reading a variety of books from educational, biographical to the downright silly. Normally I’m someone who takes one book, reads it, then gets another but not at the moment. Today I finished the second volume of the Michael Palin diaries 1980-1988: Half way to Hollywood which has taken me since to Christmas to complete.

In between I’ve also be reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, various books on money and finance plus the utterly bizarre Potty, Fartwell & Knob: Extraordinary but true names of British people by Russell Ash. I talked about Outliers in an earlier post but the Russell Ash book is one of those which I keep lying around to inject some humour if a day threatens to get too serious. I have an old book of newspaper and magazine misprints for just the same reason and I never tire of reading them.

Another book which I’m only now getting into is How to be Brilliant by Michael Heppell. I really like his tone of writing and simple method of getting his point across. For a flavour of the book here is what the Amazon sales page and book blurb has to say about How to be Brilliant:

Product Description

For many of us, being ‘good’ isn’t really good enough. We want to make the very best we can out of our lives – to achieve all we can achieve and be the best we can be. We want to be Brilliant. This book will give you tools to find out what point you are at now, understand where it is you want to get and develop strategies and powerful methods to get you there. As quickly as possible and as economically as possible with as much fun as possible.

The book uses many clear examples and stories to show you how to overcome barriers that hold you back. You’ll learn how to develop a clear vision for a brilliant future and communicate with your friends, family and colleagues at a higher level.

From the Inside Flap

Would you rather be a good salesperson or a brilliant one? A good manager or a brilliant manager? A good friend or a brilliant one? Some areas of your work and life might need a bit of help – others you might think are pretty good. But even the good bits could almost certainly be better. It’s time to make the next step up and really shine. This book provides a complete practical guide to give you new levels of energy , enthusiasm and inspiration. You’ll be amazed what a difference it will make. Ready to be brilliant?

Just now I went and looked at Michael Heppell’s website and I see that there are many free resources available including bonus chapters, audio files and an interactive wheel of life. They really are worth a look.

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